Embers - Literary Analysis Essay

Published: 2022-05-22
Embers - Literary Analysis Essay
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Firstly, embers will sparkle in all the places within the fireplace and then reduces its intensity slowly. They will then collect on the wall. Embers, just like it is so formed in the hearth is also present in minds and hearts of individuals. When they create, they erupt into undesirable situation most likely war. This will lead to format the ion of ashes which is death of the people.

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It is in my interest, therefore, to give brief and detailed information regarding love, friendship and betrayal being that this is the primary theme of the story Embers. The story commences by firstly introducing the reader to the major characters in the book. It is observed that these three characters initially had a stable relationship with them. It is through the primary character Henrik that we are introduced to the other characters Konrad, who was a good friend forty-one years ago. It was Konrad who after that introduced Krisztina to Henrik who later becomes his wife. We are introduced to realize the great friendship that existed between Henrik and Konrad. We are made to know that these two were excellent friends before the incident that took place between them forty-one years ago. Much light is shed to us about this when, after Henrik had sent a vehicle to go and pick a friend he last saw forty-one years ago. After they had settled for dinner, he asks Konrad to listen to him as he gave a scintillating story about their friendship those years ago and below. He gave the story in the order of events on how they took place from when they were children up to this miserable day when their friendship broke up. This was the night of friendship betrayal when Konrad contemplated killing Henrik because of their underground affair with Krisztina, but he spared him. This ruined trust for their friendship. This I will discuss later. On this night, Henrik equally reminds Konrad their affair with Krisztina that he realized when she complained of his presence and went ahead to talk to Konrad about the tropics. He further informs Konrad about Krisztina's diary that he discovered just years later after her death. But to further exploit the theme of friendship in the story, it is evident that through Konrad, Henrik gets to know Krisztina and marries her as his wife. It shows the high bond that these three individuals were embedded into. This friendship later broke and became weird something that led to separation and betrayal of the trio.

The meaning of the sub-theme on existential truth unveils when, most specifically, despite all these years away from each other, Henrik still recalls through the diary of Krisztina he discovered that it actually contains the truth and boldly requests Konrad if they could read the journal together of which Konrad declines. This could be because he knew that the diary holds some truth. In a show of anger, Henrik throws the log away, and it is consumed by fire. The general, like Henrik, is referred to, recalls these scenes not with outright violence, but with some passion. In this context, we observe that the two friends have come together, but the situation seems tense. This is though, a monologue, but we are made to realize that Konrad is not very free with the questions and requests that Henrik is imposing on him. That is revealed by the fact that he never felt at ease with them. In this scene, we realize the rekindling of a wound that had since healed due to time factors. It is also evident that there is a looming sense of revenge of the past acts between the two as well as the aspect of waiting. Waiting is part of my argument as a sub-theme in love and friendship because it has been long since the unfortunate incident between these two friends lastly took place. But Henrik is still very much patiently waiting to meet his childhood friend despite the forty-two-year apart. It is therefore worth noting that waiting is part and parcel of what made Maria's story some themes to talk about. But again, we are informed of the personal inner relationships that these two guys had. In the story, we are informed of the total love that Konrad had for music. The narrator tells of how she loved Konrad because of his relationship with music. This is all that she loved. This is possibly what drove Krisztina towards her because of how he sang the melody. It was always lovely to see Konrad play his music. On the other hand, we are told that Henrik was comfortable following values and how things happened in Austria. This is a statement obtained in a scene when these two friends, forty years ago are caught in a conversation while in training. This is compounded by the clear picture of every happening which to him, nothing has changed at all. The static nature of things makes Henrik love this world.

In addition to the above, it is worth noting that another essential thematic concern in the story is revealed. It is observed majorly when the friendship among the three goes haywire. Now from the story, we learn of the significant friendship betrayal that Konrad imposes on Henrik. As a good friend, he introduced Krisztina to Henrik who later after exhausting their friendship, agrees to marry each other and become one thing. Afterward, Konrad started to get involved in a silent relationship with her something that Henrik realizes later. The episode is revealed when these two friends met after forty years, and Henrik recalls the reason why they remained lonely when they were with Konrad that it was because of music that spoke between Konrad and Krisztina. Henrik, therefore, argues that with music, these two could continue talking even after his talks with Krisztina. This makes him hate music so much that he never wanted to hear anything in the name music. This brings out the aspect of friendship betrayal because a trusted friend who introduced you to her is the same person who cheats on her again.

Undeniably, family betrayal is also observed when Krisztina cheats on Henrik with Konrad. It is a significant concern in the story that this is precisely led to the separation of the existing friendship between the three friends. It is worth noting that having been engaged in a marriage act with Henrik, she ought to have acted within the confines of marriage requirement. She goes against this and cheats on her husband by getting into a relationship that she was pretty aware was going to break the link that has lasted between the two since their childhood days. She, in my critical words, therefore acted naively towards this. Krisztina ought to have been the person to strengthen the bond of relationship that has for a long time existed between Henrik and Konrad. Instead, she allows her instincts and conscience to be compromised by the love of music that draws her towards Konrad.

In summarizing my critical views, especially concerning the unveilings within the story and considering my aspects of the investigation, it is true that there are aspects of psychological torture that Henrik somehow undergoes believing that he was shocked to learn the affair between Konrad and his wife. This situation is evidenced when they were conversing with Konrad through the questions he was posing to him. He seemed disturbed too by the death of her wife, Krisztina. Even though he spoke with passion, his heart sounded loaded with revenge and flashback of the odd events that occurred between them forty years ago.

In conclusion, my thematic concerns as the aspect of my investigation revolved majorly around love, friendship, and revenge which I have ardently implored to explain betrayal as my primary theme.

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Marai, Sandor. "Embers (Translated by Carol Brown Janeway)." (1942).

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