Database Concepts, Free Essay for Everyone

Published: 2022-09-07
Database Concepts, Free Essay for Everyone
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In the analysis of the backend database options for that can serve the present large number of user data being dealt with currently, it can be seen that there are several components of the server which can suffice for the consumer needs. They include the PTV load server, locate, map, route, map match, tour, Dima server, cluster, and the server adds - on. The PTV load server is used in the smart management of loads for the far much efficient trips, the shorter periods of unloading, as well as the safe and secure transport of the goods sensitive to temperature. It functions by optimizing the available spaces for each truck fitted with the system. In this case, it is also able to compute the positioning of each of the partitions, flexible walls, as well as the bulkheads which enable for the strategic positioning of the loads and packages. After that, the loads can get distributed for easy accessibility by the responsible stakeholders aside from the streamlined sequence of unloading. The module can integrate with the present software of logistics planning and has the space for the addition of more other modules which result in a complete solution of transport management.

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Additionally, there is the PTV locate server which serves the purposes of geocoding as well as reversing geocoding addresses for the proficient mapping and tracking activities. In this case, it involves the simplification of the complicated processes for the conversion of data into the required geo coordinates alongside the validation of the address data. The PTV locate server can make the process quite easy from a single address to the entire available database. It is also able to walk reversely to find the addresses from the available geo coordinates.

It has three classes of error which are the phonetic, binary, and the available fuzzy searches which can get used in specifying the error tolerance of the address entries in the reference database. Here are a targeted search feature and the batch mode which can be used for rapidly performing geocoding of large address databases which have the potential of processing large amounts of the planning data.

The PT map server can integrate and display the locations, vehicle positions, routes, customer addresses as well as other interactive maps which are digitally brought out. It easily transfers and consolidates the supplier and customer information to enable the creation of highly visual and the interactive route mappings. It uses the data from the TomTom, HERE and AND and they can display mobile objects as well as vehicles in the real time, alongside the inclusion of combined transport choices available such as the loading stations and ferries. The maps are updated on a regular basis to make sure that only the useful and latest information is available in diverse languages to the interested parties. The topographic, aerial, and vector maps are available.

Furthermore, the PTV tour server enables the execution of quite efficient trip plans for the optimized scheduling of delivery. In this case, it effectively assigns duties and responsibilities to vehicles while taking into account the type of the vehicle, the rest periods, and the driving times. It will subsequently incorporate such variables and upload the scheduling of the vehicles. There are the multiple depot planning and organization function which has the potential of scheduling trucks and orders from diverse depots while also including the assignment of jobs to the most performing deport. It is a complex module which has the ability and potential to handle sophisticated routs with many stopovers used by different vehicles. In so doing, it ensures that the capacity of every vehicle is optimized while the priority destinations are given the ongoing preferences in the planning process of the routes. Also factored in in the server is the issue of the loading and unloading time, alongside the scale line in the size of the loads in the vehicles. However, it has no capability of combining the depot bound jobs which have the A and B in one solution.

There is also the PTV route server with the sophisticated capabilities for the effective planning of the route which includes the customized profiles of vehicles and the navigation guides. It quickly computes the quickest and shortest routes between any given two points. It thus avails the data needed for the calculation of the required travelling costs which enables the use of costs effective routes in the process. The PTV Map match server gets accurate data on the location for improved performance as well as the compliance of the driver. It validates the coordinates of the GPS while correcting the drifts of the GPS to the exact required locations. It applies network class quite easily while speed is limiting the data to each segment of the map thus quickly calculating the whole length and the duration of the routes.

Furthermore, the PTV Dima server is used for the excellent performance of the vehicle in particular distances as well as the travel duration data for different locations. It can plan the routes for various vehicles as well as distances in a single planning and scheduling environment. The PTV Cluster is used for planning of trips which are also made simple, smart, and even optimized in the process. Finally, the PTV server add-ons can expand the capabilities of the spatial analysis alongside the logistics functions.

Concerning the traditional relational database servers such as the SQL, they have various advantages and disadvantages. One of the benefits is that it is an enterprise-grade level management software. It is to be used and also has more features. pIt also has the full support for the triggers, hence characterizing its wide acceptability. Also, it has an efficient data recovery system support. It happens in case there are such issues as power breakdown or even the improper computer shut down. Its disadvantages include the costly tendency. They include such expenses as licencing which are quite expensive to acquire. There is also the disadvantage of limited compatibility, which arises as a result of the software being limited only to the running in the windows servers.

Besides, there are the no - SQL databases systems such as the MongoDB which has the advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is that it facilitates for the horizontal scalability through the muse of such techniques as sharding. Also, it provides ACID properties on the document level. Moreover, it supports replica sets. However, it is disadvantageous in that it is not relational. There are also no joins while also using consistency which can be terrible to the computer software in extreme circumstances.

Thus, the recommended software is the traditional relational database system because it is relational and can therefore accommodate an increased usage in the case where there is a rise in the number of users by the next five years.

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