Definition of Gender Roles Essay Sample

Published: 2018-03-29
Definition of Gender Roles Essay Sample
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Gender roles definition

In essence, gender roles have hit a hug the e stride for the last couple of decades and continue to change especially in the contemporary society. Apparently, gender stereotyping and discrimination has been a debated issue in the society and while a lot has changed there are still some gaps that require being changed in recent times. Gender differences, especially in terms of roles, were different and looking at how society has managed to make stride is a big boost to the fight for equality. This paper intends to discuss the change in the change of roles in as far as gender is concerned for the last couples of decades, especially in the last 50 years.

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Gender roles have changed how people perform certain task thanks to the industrialization across the world. Just like every revolution, this topic has been met with worthy names as well as different reactions by the counterrevolutionary times. For many years now, the feminist vision of liberation as well as equity especially those that seek future devoid of human domination and therefore inspire to the ethics of loving and adhering to justice to all gender alignment. Many people have been in the fight against male domination across the world a thing that has hugely been received in recent times. For the last couple of decades, female gender has been discriminated and therefore declined to do some roles. As a result of the fight especially by various activist and movement this trend has changed progressively and today women can as well find a better place in the society.

Gender segregation has no doubt been a contested subjects in the society for many years a thing that has helped and shaped the society in recent times. Girl women were neglected as denied various opportunities in the society. Women were viewed as a shy being and subject to intimidations as well as passive to men. Additionally, women were said to be weak and dainty while men strong and athletic. Today many women are in various weight lifts with an aim of becoming stronger than men in the society. Not all men can be found to be stronger in the society than women in athletics and some were said not to be stronger in playing sports. This trend has changed for many years and therefore it has been an improvement to date.

Primarily, men have been known to be the breadwinner for many years in a family. Women were supposed to do some home chores in homes. This has been a changing trend for the last couple of decades in the society and has been a different issue altogether. In the contemporary world, women are taking a different stride and therefore are becoming breadwinners and help men in dealing with fulfilling the needs at home. Nearly all couples in recent times have been combining efforts and most men today rely on women to do other things at home and in the larger society.

In the older days, women were supposed to remain at home and take care of the children. While this trend has not changed much compared to working, some men are nowadays taking the responsibility of helping women to take care of children at home. This has been facilitated by the fact that some women work during the night, therefore, forcing their husbands to take care of the children at home. Essentially, the majority of younger couples prefer combining efforts to become better especially in the contemporary society where the living standards have skyrocketed

In conclusion, gender role has been a debated issue for the last couple of decades and as a result, many have taken a different view altogether. While men were the superior in the society, women have changed this trend and become part of the larger community where they have added a lot of values in many families across the globe.

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