Free Essay Sample on Teenage Pregnancies

Published: 2018-02-03
Free Essay Sample on Teenage Pregnancies
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Teenage pregnancy is a limiting factor that affects the lives of many young girls around the globe. These pregnancies and childbearing have long-term consequences on the lives of the young and growing population in the world. Some of the problems brought by these early pregnancies include; dropping out from school and poor health conditions. Little education attainment among the teenagers leads to lower economic growth rate of the economy. The research topic of this paper is the best way of preventing teenage pregnancy. There are many ways that can be used in stopping this problem in the coming future. The best way of preventing these early pregnancies in the young generation is abstinence. It is the handiest way because it involves no risks that may result from the failures of the alternative ways. Abstinence as used in this paper, is the act of completely not engaging in sexual activities at any level The people in the age bracket in question are the best source of information and statistics on teenage child bearing rate are also important. The best ways of gathering information on this research topic are interviews and data analysis.

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The appropriate way of combating and preventing the widespread teenage pregnancy in the world is the major point of discussion in this paper. Some of the aims to be achieved by this paper are; the meaning of teenage pregnancy and the best way of preventing these pregnancies. The factors leading to these early pregnancies and their effect is also another important objective to be met in this paper.


This question is important because it creates awareness of the problem in question among the affected and vulnerable constituency of the global population. The question also helps in creating understanding on the effects and consequences of being a victim of this circumstance. Many scholars and researchers have worked on this topic. Some of these researchers include; Fagan and Patrick F. on “teen pregnancy and parenting”. They argued that the best way of combating and preventing this problem is through abstinence from sex because it is the only method with no risks that may cause other serious problems and infections like the STDIs.

Research Questions

This study seeks to answer the following research questions:

1. What is the cause of the increased rate of teen pregnancy?

2. What is the most appropriate method of preventing teenage pregnancy?

3. Which is the appropriate and relevant constituency of people to this study?

Literature review

According to Silverstein,(56), the growth in the rate of teenage child bearing has been a global problem that has attracted various researchers. This literature review answers the research questions on teenage pregnancy. The best way of reducing and preventing teenage pregnancy is abstinence. Teenagers are required to abstain from sexual acts that may result in unexpected pregnancies and serious infections like the Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs). This review also tends to answer the question of reasons for increase in teenage pregnancy. There is increase in these pregnancies because of the sexual influence by mature people on the young and vulnerable population hence pushing them to immoral acts. The constituency of people targeted by this study is that of the young population that fall between the age bracket of ten to nineteen years. Individuals in the mentioned bracket of age are considered young and vulnerable to various negative conditions of life and can therefore be easily influenced and used for selfish and immoral satisfactions and achievements.


The participants are those people who are engaged in the process of data collection. In this case, the researchers interview high school students and other young people in different learning institutions. This is because they are the relevant people in the age bracket affected by this problem. They are also the vulnerable constituency of people who can be easily influenced and sexually abused by other individuals who may take advantage of them.


Interview is the best method in this qualitative research for the collecting and analysis of data. The interview aims to have those taking part to reflect on their experiences and then attempt to make relationships with the researchers in a manner such that the two parties can come to a mutual agreement as regards the experiences’ meanings. The creation or formation of the interviews can be done in accordance with the conversations of the interviewees and their reaction to the set questions. If those being interviewed want to make further explanations about their comprehension of the subject matter, the researcher should then ask questions that request them to make further explanations. It should be made clear by the researcher the process is an open one and the respondent can think aloud, doubt and even pause. The interviewer should not evaluate the responses as being correct or wrong. The interviewer should demonstrate that they want to get the respondents express themselves in a clear manner. The focus of the interview is on the subjects and tries to uncover their feelings or attitudes, beliefs, experience and values of an issue or phenomenon.

Structured interviews play a significant role in recognizing respondent’s ideas and views in details. This aspect is called the focused type of interview. Applying this type of method to a representative sample of people in large numbers is quite taxing. Therefore, it is important to simplify the findings to the entire target population. Generally, the structured types of interviews entail many aspects or rather they are usually detailed. In this case, the interviews might seem to take more time to conduct them especially when dealing with a large sample of group. Conducting this type of interview in a large sample group will require the presence of the representatives and the researcher. Additionally, the researcher will need an extensive amount of time to plan this type of interview. This aspect can prove to be expensive for the research team (Pettersen & Durivage 20).

The convenience and the quality of the information entirely depend on how effective the questions being asked are. In structured type of interview, the researcher is not supposed to change questions. Alternatively, designing the questionnaire’s format might be tricky for the interviewer. The researcher might also have problems examining some of the intricate opinions and issues of the questionnaire. The researcher will have difficulties giving out depth answers in places where open-ended queries are used.

Findings and Analysis

This section aims at presenting and analyzing the outcomes of the primary research. A qualitative method is used to conduct the primary research. The term qualitative implies that there is no reduction of data to figures. This explains why this section has a lot of discussion together with interpretation for the purposes of getting a good comprehension of the data obtained. According to the data collected through the interviews with students, the major cause of early pregnancies are influences by other people.

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