Slavery and Society, Free Essay Sample for Students

Published: 2017-12-27
Slavery and Society, Free Essay Sample for Students
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Part 1. Research

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Document A

Solomon Northup


New York City

His experience was that of bondage where he was kidnapped and sold into slavery under cruelty and the anticipation of liberty which seemed like a dream.

Document B

Frederick Douglass



His experience was built in the fact that he was born into slavery and served as a slave on the farms on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. He served his entire youth in slavery.

Document C

Sojourner Truth


New York

Having been born into slavery especially in the property of Colonel Ardinburg. After the colonel dies, Truth’s family are left without anywhere to go. She is later sold “with a lot of sheep” and a sum of one hundred dollars. She is whipped with rods and bound together with cords. Her life revolves around being sold to different masters which she looked up to like God.

Document D

Elizabeth Keckley


New York

Her experience as a slave made her be the confidant of the first lady, Mary Lincoln. She was a privileged slave who learned to read and write. She also became a successful seamstress.

Document E

Chaney Richardson


Southeast of Tahlequah

Her parents were slaves, and so she was born into slavery and sold to Master Rogers. Her experience was horrible since she had to witness her mother’s brutal death and her siblings being sold to slavery.

Part II. Analyze

1. Sojourner Truth and Solomon’s Northup’s life are very different. Although both are made slave Truth is submissive and accepts the fact that she is a slave and she looks up to her master as if they were God. Northup, on the other hand, was living a good life with his wife and children before being captured and sold into slavery. He does not accept that he is not free and does not subject to the life of slavery.

2. Elizabeth Keckley had a positive experience under slavery where she learned to be a modest, learned how to read and write and also became a successful seamstress. The reason for her positive experience was because she was a daughter of a colonel who was their master. Elizabeth was privileged since her father was white.

3. The relationship was that of the slave and the master. There was no consideration given to the blacks since they were treated like savages and slaves. The masters could not even recognize their last name.

Part III. Write

Although slavery restricted the ability of the Africans to recognize their identity their serviced over time and they were able to develop more prominent movements and coming to terms with their beliefs and identity. Regionalism only made them grow and they developed distinctive tradition in music, art, literature, religion, food, and holidays.

The development and emergence of The Black power movement of the 1960s and 70s also followed in their awake leading to the non-violent movement which was known as the American Civil Rights Movement. The movement promoted the racial pride and the ethnic cohesion whereby the movement adopted the aggressive posture in the face of racism.

Regionalism affected African American identity in a positive way since the African American slaves identified their poetic identity in the sense that they could use fables to describe their stories of slavery. The authors reached a high early point whereby they told their slave narrative, and it made people aware of their grief and how to end the discrimination.

Political and social issues also were the outcomes. They started to advocate for voting rights, and as a result, there were African Americans who were elected to be representatives. The segregation conditions that the African Americans were put in resulted in high rate of poverty and neighborhood which were referred to as “Ghettos.” The segregation of neighborhood represented the feeling that was in America on the issue of race and the fact that the blacks were neglected. The dilapidated houses and inadequate housing were the home for the African Americans.

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