Free Personal Essay Example: My Hobby - Soccer

Published: 2018-02-09
Free Personal Essay Example: My Hobby - Soccer
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I find myself sincerely passionate for soccer. As a result of my great love and serious commitments for football, I have been participating in football matches for approximately ten years since I joined my school team when I was in grade five. This has given me great joy and pleasure at the same time since I have a chance of learning new tricks on how to improve my game and talent through the exposure not only to home and school but also to find out more about football in the outside world. My love for football made me to be the biggest spectator of English premier league with Chelsea FC being my number one team since I was a young man. And personally, I regard soccer not only as a need to do the activity but also a social outreach wherein I can meet new people and even a hand to raise new talents from young children who are coming from different backgrounds. By doing this, I have traveled to London four times to watch Chelsea and even meet few players like David Luiz and Obi Mikel. Through my participation as a football captain in my team and involvement in social outreach, I have gained leadership and teamwork skills making to be a good time manager and one who is interested in fulfilling team needs.

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