Essay Sample: Gas-to-Liquids Comes of Age in a World Full of Gas

Published: 2022-03-18
Essay Sample: Gas-to-Liquids Comes of Age in a World Full of Gas
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This article mainly focuses on the role of Petroleum energy companies in economies across the world. The article mainly focuses on the purpose that the people working in such companies play. It, first of all, gives an assessment of turning gas into liquid fuel. However, in petroleum and energy production there is also rock cutting. For the case of energy production. the company assumes that the main purpose for people in such companies is to ensure that people in mainly third world countries have cheap energy. There has been an increase in the number of people who need energy across the world. Additionally, the number of people in need of energy has mostly increased in the third world countries. This, therefore, shows the need to have the need to have cheaper energy solutions. The SPE employees play the role of making people's lives better in their domains of operation. This involves the role they lay by ensuring that they ensure their own security. This is a great role that the employees will have played their roles towards their families.

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Helge, H. 2014. Journal of Petroleum Technology: Downhole Electronic Component Reliability. Reprint Series, SPE, Richardson Texas 53: 15-21.

For SPE companies to be able to supply cheaper energy to third world countries it is required that they perform a rigorous economic evaluation. This procedure will involve a number of steps., The first step is to figure out energy needs for the said countries. Afterwards, the companies will then agree on the amount of money or resources required to serve the exact amount of people. The final stage is to figure out the best source of the resources to serve the people with cheap energy. The best source would be a source that will offer the two sources a win-win situation. One consideration that could be made in these countries is that they have very small GDPs. As such, they may not be able to pay for such big projects. However, SPE companies ought to help them acquire grants to be able to run these projects. The supply of cheap electricity will help the third world countries to grow. This is because most multinational companies shy away from these countries due to the lack of cheap electricity. However, with a good supply of such energy then it is almost obvious that multinationals will rush to these companies to try and make sales.

The company is a supply market to itself. This is because it also utilizes a great deal of energy to perform their energy creation activities. The company is obviously divided into a number of affiliates which get to serve differen6t purposes in the entire process. The company can be a good consumer of its own product since it will use the electricity at a much cheaper rate. On the other hand, the best demand market is the African Continent. As discussed earlier, most of the countries in the continent are developing. As such, there is a high demand for energy in trying to industrialize the countries. This would be the best market for energy products. Additionally, these countries have larger population densities in comparison to developed countries which implies that these countries have greater needs for energy.

Any energy company must be ready to invest a lot of resources into operating costs. One of the main areas where operational costs get used is the area of purchasing equipment. For instance, the article's main topic is replacing old assets. The company must be ready to spend more money in buying equipment. This is because there are advantages attached to purchasing new equipment. One of the main advantages is speed and convenience. The use of new equipment provides that such companies have the ability to operate at a faster rate. Another operational cost involved in the whole process of energy production is research. The company has to perform very effective research processes to ensure that there is a little amount of money used in the exploration of oil. The company also has to use a lot of resources in employing good employees who have the perfect skills. This will help reduce the dangers that may come up due to such processes.

The ability to provide affordable energy solutions may be greatly affected by the change in money value across the world. This phenomenon is greatly influenced by the change in the value of money due to inflation. Commonly, developed countries often have currencies that grow faster in comparison to third world countries. This is due to the increase in importation by most third world countries for products produced in developed countries. Therefore, over time, most third world currencies tend to be weaker. Therefore, even though SPE companies may not increase their prices for energy production, over time, the prices will increase. This will mainly be caused by the fact that the currencies have changed in value. As such, it is very hard for the SPE companies to assure cheap energy solutions because of change in money value over time.

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