13 Reasons Why - Free Essay with the Book Analysis

Published: 2018-02-10
13 Reasons Why - Free Essay with the Book Analysis
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13 reasons why summary

Relationships play a central role in shaping the perception of society. Meaningful relationships are the foundations of morals and ideal reputation. The learning institutions are a major platform that defines the status of young scholars. Literature has proven to be an effective learning venture that shapes the nature of people’s approach to life. In this view, the literature based material acts as the central force that facilitates good behavior. Over time, there has been evidence that the use of novel based texts has significant impacts on the youthful population. 13 Reasons Why is a book by Jay Asher that offers quality content that is useful for students within the various learning institution (Asher 154). In light of such a realization, the following discussion takes a stand on the reasoning behind teaching the book in schools.

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The book talks of audiotapes named 1-13 that have documentation or possible reasoning as to why a girl committed suicide. Clay Jensen unveils the contents of the audiotapes and is tasked with the responsibility to issue out tapes to possible individuals that have contributed to a girl’s death. Hannah Baker is the girl in the story who is a subject of discussion given their age group. As a teenager, Hannah is the typical student facing everyday challenges of youthful peer groups. In the novel, she states that “More specifically why my life ended. And if you’re listening to these tapes, you’re one of the reasons why.” (Asher, 7). Therefore the novel should be taught to college students given the fact that it easily relates to their social issues. These range from issues such a social isolation, reputation challenges and romantic relations. The set of weighty themes are discussed in 13 Reasons Why by the playwright Asher. For example, betrayal is witnessed in during the primary segments of the story, where Clay finds audiotape number 1. In the tape, Hannah’s voice is heard lamenting about the actions of one of her boyfriend name Justin Foley who happens to have been a freshman crush. Hannah Says that Foley had given her the impression of a romantic dream come true. Foley kissed Hannah in a playground, thus giving her the treat of her life. Later in the story, he went spreading malicious rumors of the real scenario that played. As a result, Hannah commits suicide given that she was betrayed by someone that she entirely loved. The betrayal themes are of significant value to the youthful population in college. The lessons learned from the scenario in the audiotape is that certain irresponsible actions would result in devastating repercussion. Thus, it has a fundamental moral lesson for the young people and should be taught at school.

13 reasons why character analysis

The second audiotape presented by Hannah talks of two students namely Alex Standall and Jessica Davis. According to the tape, they were friends that were entangled in an identity scuffle. Hannah claims that she was branded as ‘Best Ass’ within in their school which meant that some students lacked the killer looks. As a result, Jessica was humiliated and ended up slapping Hannah leaving her with a severe scar “There are some sick and twisted people out there, Alex – and maybe I’m one of them – but the point is, when you hold people up for ridicule, you have to take responsibility when other people act on it” (Asher, 53). Next, the branding left Hannah vulnerable a group of boys that felt the need to touch her body part. One would learn vital lessons from the incident by the three students. Firstly, there is need to uphold people reputation within the social institutions. In this view, it is important for students to understand how to manage their social life. Secondly, the process of objectifying a woman leads in sexual harassment cases which eventually lead to isolation given that some youthful people would not manage the downside of the scenarios. Justifiable, Hannah had to commit suicide at the expense of standing by the public humiliation and perception from her class (Johnstone, Wiseman, Asher & Allen County Public Library, 211). Thirdly, instilling the good morals for the teenagers of a college student is effective by the use of practical example cases like Hannah’s story. Thus, students would learn the valuable lessons like issues of managing social responsibilities. For example, Tyler Down watched Hannah from his house and invaded her privacy and security. Next, he went telling other students about her body and encouraging them to seduce her.

In fact, he informed other students that Hannah was a cheap sexual conquest. Then again, Courtney Crimsen failed to keep her silence after the victim had confided in her. Instead, she went around spreading the news about the incident between Tyler and Hannah. In this view, Crimsen humiliated Hannah to her friends and classmates. As an opinion, the novel is useful for youths in college institutions given the fact that it outlines the challenges that commonly affect their relationship lives. As a matter of fact, it helps to categorize the nature of the behavior that would be accepted within the learning environments. Subsequently, the novel enlightens the young populations on the effect of their actions and interactions while attaining the academic experiences. Hannah claims that “No matter what I’ve said so far, no matter who I’ve spoken of, it all comes back to--it all ends with--me” (Asher, 253).

The book is useful for teenagers who have not been exposed to the realities of life. The reasoning behind such an argument is that the book would help teens in understanding the many changes they undergo while joining the colleges. In this view, there is the developing concept that Hannah has tried to expose the dirt and crimes at her school. Then again, she has sought to tie the evils in her environment with her future action. The argument to support the book’s content for school going students is that it acts as a reminder of the reality and weight of their actions. A student would understand that frustrated individuals would prefer suicide compared to facing the humiliation by their fellow classmate. The value of overcoming obstacles is also a significant element that would warrant students to learn through the book. For example, Hannah was convinced that she would not make it through her challenges at school. Such a decision would be associated with the fact that she lacked a credible support system around her. In this view, the book would give hope to challenged persons in the sense that they would understand the value of communicating with credible individuals. Then again, one would agree that the book would help students to understand the role of their parents and teachers in solving problems. Consequently, they would understand their role in the society as a whole and work towards accomplishing valuable duties to their community.

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