Free Essay on Youth and Politics

Published: 2018-02-08
Free Essay on Youth and Politics
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The generation born between 1982 and 2004, also the millennials, are different from those born between 1946 and 1964, also the baby boomers. The first key feature between the two is that the latter are very slow in doing things. Sometimes, it appears that they are never in a hurry to do anything constructive in life. For example, their young adults do not consider marriage as a priority compared to their parents. Another feature about them is that the generation associates itself too much with technology. They enjoy using their phones and computers on twitter sharing and reconnoitering the world compared to reading a newspaper at the breakfast table while sipping coffee. Another skill they possess is that of multitasking. You will find them doing so in Uber drives, in institutions, or in their rooms perusing the internet for newscasts.

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Millennials and politics

Some people believe that millennials do not pay interest in politics. However, during the week at the Washington Center, my thoughts were substantiated. It made me come to the comprehension that the generation associates itself and is in dire need of change. Most importantly, they want their voices heard and have an active participation in political matters. The interesting part is that during the morning gathering, everyone who stood up knew each aspect of both contemporary and historical political issues in the national and international level. In addition to their uncertainties and suspicions, their radical views on politics overwhelmed me. From a personal perspective, young adults have made promising contributions to politics, especially in the 2004 polls. The panel at Washington Center provided everyone with insights that we should not hold back on our views if we need change. More to the point, one of the people who made a plausible point was Senso, a journalist, who asserted that everyone should develop the skill of active listening to acquire a variety of information that may be useful to them. On the real sense, his statement makes sense because it is believable that when we pay attention and ask questions to our peers, we can acquire an immense amount of information and knowledge since it is a common element in contemporary society.

Millennials in politics

On a broader perspective, the young generation can change the world and have ways to make their voices heard compared to the old compeers. It is possible to accomplish a vast number of things through sharing ideas, creating awareness, and participating in current issues. All the citizens of America need to take the initiative and make their voices heard on the concerns and policies that they dislike. Specifically, we need to be observant with our new president-elect who brings fear and uncertainties on what he will do to people living in America. First, he was never a politician. As per now, all eyes are on him. Indeed, the only hope that remains is that he will nurture the young adults, make their lives better, and make America great again, as he claims. It is a common notion that when we let someone else do the work for us in matters of politics, it becomes easy because depending on the Representatives, journalists, and Congressmen is optional. In the contemporary world, voting for the political representatives is not simple. The most significant aspect is that the young adults should do away with their fears and stand up for their views on politics matters.

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