Free Essay. Hospitality Supervision and Training Skills

Published: 2023-02-08
Free Essay. Hospitality Supervision and Training Skills
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The courthouse is recently under new management after it was purchased by new personnel. The former three-star is now a four-star hotel with improved services like room services, leisure club and portering services. The courthouse is booked to host German delegates during summer. Just like any other hotel, Courthouse is looking forward to selling its image for better business opportunities. Therefore, the management must work extra hard to improve their services to the delegate to meet their set goals. This paper is an analysis of the strategic ways in which the Courthouse Hotel must apply to provide best services to the German delegates during summer.

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Question 1


The supervisors must consider improving accommodation services for the delegates to smoothen their stays and also sell the image of the hotel. The following are ways in which the accommodation services could be improved. Greet each guest by their names, especially when meeting them first. The supervisor must ensure that room attendants for each guest know them by their names (Akther, 2018). They must also know which field they expertise in. This way, it will be easy to converse with them from time to time. When their names address guests, they feel valued and appreciated. Besides, they will appreciate the efforts of their rooms' attendants in knowing their names. The attendants must also be happy while welcoming the guests. This ensures the mood for their stay is set. A smile warms the hearts of the guests. The second strategy is that the supervisor should consider training the room attendants on the improved service offering. Although the attendants might be learned, a quick reminder would not harm. They should be reminded of how to be courteous to the guests. Since the expected delegates are from Germany, the attendants must know a few words in German or still be fluent in English. Sharing a few words in German, especially while introducing themselves will make the guests feel at the right place. Also, the attendants must know how to respect the personal spaces of the guests. They must know the doors when the "do not disturb" tag is placed on the door. They must learn how to address the guests when they are in good and bad moods. From time to time, the attendants might be asked to do laundry for the guests. The attendants need to learn to keep off their hands from the guests' property. They must also ask for procedures to clean their items in case there is confusion to avoid damages.

The supervisor should provide the rooms attendants with a piece of chocolate or mint for them to leave in the guests' rooms. The mint can be placed on the pillow or the table as a welcome gesture. Such little gestures speak loud about the level of care the hotel has towards the guests. It is also a way for the hotel to warm its way to the delegates' hearts. Another issue is that the supervisor must create a chatty room for the guest. It is important to consider that the 75 accredited journalists visiting the hotel will need internet services to update their news. If not available, the supervisor should consider installing it before the guests arrive. Also, if the internet is available, it is crucial to ensure that its speed is high and with minimal downtimes. This strategy will make the guests considered technologically. Another important move is to improve the room amenities. Improvement must not be the reconstruction of the rooms. It could involve addressing the most vital parts, especially the beddings, bathroom hygiene, and overall room setting. The supervisor could consider acquiring new beddings or use the "not very used" ones to prepare for the guests. It is also necessary to ensure that the cleaning standards are improved in anticipation of the great day. Besides, if the rooms have not been rearranged for a long time, it is crucial to rearrange them for a new look. More friendly lighting can set a relaxing mood for the guests. Such little improvements could spice up the guests' experience in Courthouse hotel. Lastly, the delegates should be provided with personalized services. One attendant should serve each room. Each guest should be offered an attendant. This will prevent confusion and provide easy flow of services. Therefore, if the hotel does not have enough attendants for all the guests, it is important to hire more. The guests will have all the attention they require from personalized attendants.


The following are some of the skills the Courthouse Hotel supervisor must demonstrate to make the accommodation department run smoothly. The first one is an effective communication (Gonzalez, 2018). To issue the necessary orders to the employees, the supervisor must be able to communicate clearly and have good listening techniques. Being a good listener makes him pay attention to the employees' needs and meet them effectively. Poor communication could lead to misunderstanding, thus poor hotel functioning. The supervisor must also show conflict resolution skills. When changes are happening, especially in the preparation of the German delegates, employees are likely to disagree on several issues. The supervisor should have the ability to solve such conflicts before they could cause chaos. He or she should dig the disagreement to find out the causes, find methods to solve and settle the conflicts. According to ERC's "8 crucial skills supervisors need to have," accountable supervisors must have leadership skills (2018). The accommodation supervisor should have the skills to lead his team of employees. The supervisor must be accountable, supportive, and motivating towards the employees. Additionally, the supervisor must be a critical thinker. In situations like the one facing the Courthouse Hotel, the supervisor must be creative, innovative, and strategical in decision making. While waiting for the German delegates, the supervisor will be required to make a lot of decisions which will determine the success or failure of the hotel. He or she must have the ability to identify a problem and decide on a step by step process to solve it. Another skill the supervisor must have is being a time manager. Considering the sensitivity of the meetings to take place in the Courthouse Hotel, the accommodation supervisor must ensure that the room attendants are cautious of time. The supervisor might not have enough time to check all corners of the rooms and guest houses. Therefore, he must be willing to delegate some minor work to trusted employees. Finally, the supervisor should demonstrate good interpersonal skills. He or she must know how to relate well with employees from different cultures. This way, he can build a purposeful team in the workplace.


While preparing to host German delegates, the accommodation department supervisor could use the following motivation techniques to ensure maximum performance of the employees. The first one is setting the intended or weekly goals (Gillet et al. 2018). Goals will give the employees a reason to focus. They will work hard to meet their target. The supervisor must, however, make the goals clear to avoid confusion and conflicts. The set goals must be realistic and achievable; otherwise, they will end up discouraging the employees. Secondly, the supervisor can motivate the employees by rewarding them. He or she should set an incentive program, for example, a weekly bonus for the best-performing employee. This way, the employees will feel motivated to work towards a reward. The incentive could also be a free trip or a day of promise. Such rewards keep the employees focused on their work, resulting in a good performance. The supervisor should be honest and transparent. By updating the employees with honesty and transparent on how the hotel is fairing, the employees stay invested. The supervisor should answer any employee's question with integrity. That way, they feel appreciated and considered as a family. Also, the supervisor could motivate the employees by sharing positive feedback. One of the key work satisfaction factors is finding fulfillment. The workers will feel their efforts appreciated when they are told that their efforts are fruitful. When customers give positive reports about the employees' works, it is crucial to deliver the comments to the employees for motivation. Besides, the supervisor needs to appreciate individual efforts. Rather than appreciating the employees as a team, it is crucial to recognize the efforts or hard work of each employee personally. This involves telling them that they are doing better, and with time, they will make it and become great. Sometimes, all some employees need is praise for a job well done. Sending them congratulatory notes or recognizing them during team meetings makes them feel special and motivated. Finally, it is motivating to give employees room to air their opinions (Pozin, 2019). The supervisor should have time to sit with each employee and learn what they want. They could also be allowed to share suggestions for better performance of the hotel. For instance, during the preparation of German guests in Courthouse, the supervisor could ask for employees' opinions on the needed improvement. By allowing them to share their opinions and putting the suggestions in practice assures the employees that they are an important part of the hotel. It also makes them feel as valued assets of the company.

Question 2


The Courthouse Hotel management shows concern that the hotel services might not meet the required standards. The supervisor should ensure the following actions are taken to meet the necessary facilities for the German delegates. First, the supervisor alongside a few employees, should be at the entrance to welcome the guests when they arrive (Wang, 2019). As they wait, they should wear smiles and show a positive attitude. They should be greeting guests as they sell the image of the hotel. Also, the front office staffs should have the right personality to welcome the guests. The team should be equipped with emotional intelligence. This way, they can show empathy, sense, and real interest. The front staff should be kind and cautious towards the guests. That way, the guests will feel that the hotel was prepared for them. The supervisor should ensure easy check-ins and checkouts. These procedures should be customized and personalized for quick reception and checking out. The Courthouse Hotel might consider acquiring all the names of the expected guests and register them before their arrival. Also, booking could ease things up because the hotel would have all the details required, so when checking in, the guests will only need signing. Besides, the front desk should be equipped with computers for easy check-ins and out. With the use of computers, the guests' details can be accessed faster than from the manual files.

Another way the supervisor can ensure the services of the hotel meet standards is by providing the discretion of guests' names (Peterhans, 2019). Although it is essential to know the names of the guests, it is crucial to observe their privacy by not addressing them in public or loudly. This ensures that their security and privacy status is maintained. Some guests would prefer their room numbers to remain hidden even from their colleagues. Mentioning or calling out loud, their room numbers may become a security issue. Additionally, room services should be outstanding. Room services should be personalized. The food menu should be clear and accurate for every dish in a way that the guests do not have to guess or assume dishes. The room attendants should accurately take orders, answer all relevant questions, and deliver the meals on time as requested. The room attendants should not bulge at guests rooms. Instead, they should knock and wait for permission to enter.

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