Reform for Gun Policy, Gun Control Essay Example

Published: 2018-11-28
Reform for Gun Policy, Gun Control Essay Example
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American gun policy

My proposal will be based on reforming the American gun policy; the current policy places restrictions on ownership on some types of firearms. It also places restrictions on the sale of such weapons such as machine guns and silencers. The interested parties in such kind of guns undergo rigorous tests and background checks. My suggestions include an introduction of a liability insurance policy. This policy will ensure that people pay for any damages caused by their guns. A proficiency test should be introduced to make sure that the individual who want gun ownership understands what they own and the damage it may cause. The actions to be taken include establishing a body that can administer the proficiency examination. A law that provides details of the components and provisions of the liability insurance should be established. The funding for such activities could be obtained from various ant-gun movements across America.

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The first principle is protecting the vulnerable for instance, the people who own gun finds it convenient to threaten others using their registered weapons. This form of harassment should be controlled to ensure all Americans enjoy their democratic rights. The second principle is addressing the culture of violence that has erupted across America. The error of video games has encouraged especially the youths to embrace violence as mean for taking their justice. The principle will ensure no gun owner uses their weapons careless, and outside the designated use.

Gun control issue

Various social institutions are associated with the gun control issue, and they include schools, churches, and at home or community settings. Cases of students in colleges and universities being caught with a firearm or in a social event shot outs being experienced are common. Also, cases of parents shooting their family members and afterward shooting themselves are common, and all should be addressed by a comprehensive gun control policy. In 2015 Congress Representative Cicilline David, through the house judiciary committee introduced the assault weapon ban of 2015. The bill was meant to prohibit any form of intentional possession, selling, and importing a semi-automatic weapon. The bill did not bar the transfer of such weapons for instance, from grandfather to son of other generations, as long as it was reported. Such proposal was open to manipulation since it does not strictly specify the limit. The inheritance of a parent's weapon does not address the need for competency to use the gun. The policy will address such gaps to ensure gun violence is controlled.

Due to the introduction of the new policy, the institutions will face a drastic change in their model of operation and in handling the people within. For instance, the college and universities will be required to conduct extra check from time to time to be able to identify students with weapons who may endanger others at school. Parents who are suspected of not fit to hold weapons due to various issues for instance psychosis should be stripped off their rights to keep such a dangerous device.

In conclusion, the policy will consider the current gun policy and identify the opportunities for manipulation which shall be sealed, through the proposed action. Consultations between the anti-gun movements will assist in determining the gap and come up with recommendations to improve the situation. The provisions by the federal government any and pending approval policies related to gun control shall also be considered in coming up with an amicable solution.

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