Essay Sample: The Advantages of Media Fasting In the Modern Technological Era

Published: 2023-05-01
Essay Sample: The Advantages of Media Fasting In the Modern Technological Era
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Ideally, media fasting is adequately described as the essential act of restraining oneself from the use of social media or accessing various social media platforms (Jason, 2020). The paper seeks to discuss the advantages of media fasting, especially in these modern times filled with technological advancement. In recent years of media development, we have seen the world transform into one social network via these social media platforms like Twitter, Snap chat among many others. We have seen people work from home and interact with their customers and other colleagues via social media.

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Media fasting can have many advantages to any individual that decides it's the high time to get some time away from the internet and the devices that can access social media including;

More Activity and Healthy Comparison

According to studies done, lack of general body movement can be even more dangerous than smoking. Being able to stay away from the computer and move around proves to be healthier from some chronic diseases and also avoiding eye damage from the constant screen glare and brightness. Lack of regular body activities can lead to depression and general unhealthy being (Morris, 2016). This leads to more unrealistic and pessimistic views of themselves and others. An online community could damage one's feelings and lead to such unhealthy being thus not advisable at all for anyone who wishes for a healthy and better living.

Better Sleep and Less Stress

According to researches done, extended exposure to the screen light, that is blue, tricks one's body into believing that it is still daytime and thus causing less melatonin to be produced, the hormone is also known as the sleep hormone (Danari, 2016). This leads to less sleep that is a crucial constituent in one's being and health. The difficulty of sleeping may be faced by people who are used to late-night browsing on computers and phones. Media fasting curbs this problem by ensuring you get the advisable hours of sleep required to keep one's health better, it also provides reduced stress levels since social media supplies an incursion of information and data to the user's brain and when resting the brain gets time to process this information. Excessive social media browsing continues to supply the brain with more information and no time to handle it.

Better Social Interactions

People are now able to show their true selves on social media; thus, they tend to lose out on some factors of communication like being intimate and accountable. They can post any information in the internet without being subjected to other direct opinions that may affect them. A study by a researcher in a talk show, suggests that the most critical part of being human is real and open to other opinions about themselves. According to the most famous example the Roseto Research, the community is essential for mental and physical health in many powerful ways and cutting on media can help build those strong relationships


Conclusively, in this modern generation, social media restraint can prove to be more of a task, and willful media fasting can mean a lot to anyone, however looking at such advantages of media fasting and also thinking of a more realistic life, media fasting could not be a bad idea after all.


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