My Past Education Experience, Essay Example

Published: 2020-04-27
My Past Education Experience, Essay Example
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My past education is among the important events that I will remain to remember in my entire life. Even though some circumstances seemed hard right from kindergarten to college, I have realized that education is the source of knowledge and exposure to real life situation. Mainly, I have been exposed to many things I did not know when I was kept indoors, and not permitted to have contact with other people since I was young. Therefore, having an experience of education since I started school more than 15 years ago made me realize that education is the most valuable tool that offers outer and inner strength to a person, and it is capable of bringing any desired change in the society and human mind.

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Perhaps, my experience in elementary school is the most reminisced following the circumstances that followed me. Specifically, I attended Monte Vista elementary school, one of the best kindergarten schools in the neighborhood. However, the experience in this school will remain to be remembered. Notably, it is this place where I interacted with new faces and kids from different backgrounds and attitudes for the first time. Although it was not an easy experience to spend most of the time with people who are not my brothers and sisters, I did realize that I was actually equal to them and able to integrate them into my life. Particularly, comfort in this new environment was brought by my favorite teacher Ms. Williams. Specifically, Ms. William was fantastic since she taught me how to live with other kids. Through her guidance, Monte Lisa became a home away from home. Additionally, drawing to me was a hobby; hence, arts became my favorite subject and I completed this stage successfully.

The next of stage education experience was the middle school that I attended at Lincoln Jr. High School. The new school was just as a different as the first one. However, this time, I had known how to handle new faces and different attitudes; hence, I did not get traumatized. Notably, my initial experience in this school was not very good due to the predicaments I had in the previous school. Conversely, later, I began to excel academically and appeared in honor roll with the help of my favorite English teacher Mr. LeForge. Mr. LeForge assisted me to excel cursive writing which was my weakest area while in school.

Additionally, the life after middle school led me to high school experience at Vista High. In this school, strange faces were no longer an issue with me following the previous experiences. Notably, it is in high school that I started learning real aspects of life and where the courses I did were actually applicable to real industrial situation. Specifically, my teachers in high school were good; however, Mr. North became my favorite teacher. His guidance and advice in electronics were the driving force that led me to perform excellently in class. Additionally, he taught me real world circumstances and highlighted to me life in college.Following the discussion herein, it suffices that education process is one of the paths that expose individuals on real life situations. Notably, my past education started in Monte Vista elementary school and proceeded to Lincoln Jr. High school and later to Vista high school. In all the above-mentioned schools, I met strange people with different backgrounds and attitudes who inspired in one way or the other. Additionally, I passed through various teachers and courses that contributed majorly to who I am today. In a nutshell, my past education despite some challenges has been perfect and has led me to where I am today.

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