Free Essay: Why Online Learning is Effective

Published: 2022-11-21
Free Essay: Why Online Learning is Effective
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Online learning is the type of learning which involves accessing and using learning tools from the internet. Technology has impacted the education field mainly since it is an effective way of college students to learn various subjects hence they can learn anything, anywhere and at any time. Some colleges in America have already adopted this form of education; however, not all colleges in different countries have embraced online learning because the educational system in their countries is enough (Broadbent & Poon 2015, p.1-13). Even though some states have sufficient educational systems and colleges, online learning should be made part of education in different countries for three main reasons: environment, flexibility, and cost.

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Firstly, online learning presents a conducive environment to enable college students to keep studying and improve their study. Although this method of learning will prevent many students from engaging in activities such as college club activities which enable students to learn teamwork, it should be made part of the education system since there many problems associated with going to college. For example, most American colleges are facing the challenge of bullying and drug abuse among college students at the college. As for the online learning, it is open to all students, and people can concentrate on what they to learn want without any distraction and pressures like bullying since it provides a good environment for students to carry on with their studies (Hollis & Robinson 2016, p.113-123).

Secondly, compared to conventional education, online learning is very flexible. If online learning becomes part of the education system, very many people will be able to learn more and more. For instance, those students who miss campus due to economic problems have young children, or because they have part-time jobs can learn different subjects at any place and be able to access library materials at any time. Such students get the chance to study at their speed depending on their schedule hence they do not have to go through the pressure of struggling to catch up with the rest of the students (Schmidt, Tschida & Hodge 2016, p.1-10).

Thirdly, online learning is less costly as compared to the present day local colleges. Not all students can pay the required college fees to attend lectures, therefore; online education should be made part of the education system in different parts of the world. According to research conducted by Tokyo University, about ten thousand college students in Japan drop out annually due to the lack of enough money to pay their college fees ( Beauchamp, 2014).In online education, there is no need to spend money on school facilities like transportation and textbooks. Online learning will help the poor students to keep learning as well as the affluent students who can be able to save their money for future use( Costle & Lang 2016, p.169-180).

In conclusion, online learning is an effective method of learning, and it is essential for this learning to be part of the present day educational system. This type of knowledge will help many college students save their money, access online materials at any time and learn anything they want hence the education system will be improved since students will not have to miss to worry about missing classes or to catch up with missed lectures.


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