Free Essay Dedicated to George Washington and Power of Patience

Published: 2022-05-18
Free Essay Dedicated to George Washington and Power of Patience
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In recent America, statistics show that power and patience do not go hand in hand. The two get joined by the phrase "the power of patience" (Harned, 2015) which tries to connect calmness to patience or avoidance of stress. Labeled as a genius in leadership, a great commander and an exceptional leader with an incorruptible character, George Washington got his place as one of the greatest leaders this country has ever had. Undeniably, only a few leaders have earned the adoration, respect, and adoration enjoyed by George Washington's. From the humble one-dollar bill, the Washington Monument, the George Washington Bridge, a place on Mt Rushmore and the name behind our nation's capital; Washington DC, George Washington cemented his place as the father of the nation. However, no leader gains such adoration by mare position. George Washington showcased leadership qualities and character not practiced by many before him but which inspired many after him. Chief among this was a lesson he came to learn and practice: The intricate balance of power and patience.

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In his early days as a young colonel, Washington had a fiery rush nature that was complemented by his over ambition to claim wealth and status. He got described as being over-self-confident, rash and pushy leading to significant mistakes that delivered hard lessons. In the fight against British rule over the 13 American Colonies, George Washington hurriedly led the continental army made up of ill-trained men into battle. He hoped that using the soldiers most of whom were volunteers; he would achieve a quick victory against the British. To his dismay, however, his men were killed in their thousands and many more imprisoned. As he later came to learn, he would not achieve victory over the British without a more patient, dexterous approach that exercised more restraint. Elements which went against Washington's nature and ideologies.

As a result of the lesson learned by Washington, he received the most significant victory for him and his coalition forces. In the winter of 1779 to 1780, Washington and his army camped in inhospitable conditions, twenty miles from the American capital, Philadelphia. The men and Washington suffered disease and cold for weeks as Washington watched but refused to move nor launch an attack even as Philadelphia was captured by the British. Washington's primary goal was maintaining the continental army as a fighting force, an objective he could only achieve by exercising a considerable amount of patience and perseverance. After victory over the British, Washington and his soldiers received an overwhelming appreciation and recognition for their sacrifice in the fight for independence. The final victory over the British got clinched after the tactical blunder by Commander Lord Cornwallis that lead to his troops surrendering in Yorktown, Virginia.

It was by restraining his desire for speedy results, surrendering his attachment to the war, maintaining the motivation of the troops and allowing the war to take its course that Washington acquired victory. He later went on to unite the different colonies through ratification of their constitution and eventual election of George Washington as the first president of the United States. George Washington's actions lived up to how he was eulogized by Henry Lee, his second in command, "First in War, first in peace and first in the hearts of his countrymen."

Washington's demonstration of patience and perseverance could be a life lesson for so many people all over the world, especially those in positions of leadership. People are often forced to exercise patience when the entity they desire is beyond their control, however, if such people gain power, keeping up the patience becomes difficult. As George Washington however demonstrates, victory and accomplishment can get achieved when we exercise patience and perseverance.

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