King Arthur Review in Our Free Essay Example

Published: 2019-03-01
King Arthur Review in Our Free Essay Example
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King Arthur leadership

"King Arthur", a film directed by Antoine Fuqua represents an impressive historical representation of war. The film represents a historic Roman officer, by the name Arthur, who in his representation features the lives of the Arthurian legends. In the film, Arthur is a loyal servant of the Roman kingdom and a devoted Catholic, who together with other men help in guarding the kingdom's wall, known as the Hadrian's Wall from the external aggression of the rebellious Britons and the Woads. Merlin, who in real life is Stephen Dillane, is featured as the leader of the revolutionary group of Britons (Ebert, Para 3). The reason for choosing this film is the close interrelationship between the characters, the various locations as well as a close representation of historical events. The film represents a real or a close reflection of the ancient Arthurian legends, and a reflection of the ancient Roman Empire. The film represents the life of Arthur, who had traveled to Rome to train as a soldier and a Christina and later given the position of leadership, leading an army of Sarmatia warriors, who fought against the Saxons and the Woods (Scott, Para 2). The film connects to the mythological representation of the society, in that, it relates to the customs of the Roman Empire, the Catholic representation of needs and activities, as well as the natural environment upon which the events took place. The shooting of the film, in various locations such as Wales, Ireland, and England gives the true reflection of the ancient kingdom environment. The film connects the actual features in the ancient world, enabling the viewers to create a connection with the past and experience a real reflection of the activities which took place in the ancient world.

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The film connects to the various topics studied in class. Its primary connection is the representation of an ancient society, which is based on the shootings of the film, the character representation as well as the organization of the whole set of the film. In reality, the film enables the reader to connect to the mythological creations of the past, which represented the natural personifications in the society, the true accounts of activities which took place within a society, the actual phenomenon in the society, as well as the ritual explanations within a certain society. The other significant connection between the film and the class work still lies in the creation of euhemerism within the society, where situations were represented with the supernatural powers, vested in legends and many traditional persons. Personification is also a major issue which represents a connection between the class work and the film. In most cases, personification is used in the film to show how nature had some powers and could act in ways which defied the natural state. In the mythological representation of the Britain's heritage, Arthur is a symbol of heroism in the state and represents some of the ancient rulers of Britain who had great powers and abilities to do many things within their power (Educational Broadcasting Corporation, Para 4). Arthur's leadership is based on merit and hard work, which enables him to drive away all the invading Saxons from the Roman Kingdom and create a more cohesive and a strong state. The mythology based upon the film relates to various explanations, which start with the issue of love in the film, magic, mystery, adventure, betrayal, as well as fate based upon chivalry. The film of King Arthur creates a major connection between the class studies and the actual situations represented in the film. The only issue which doesn't seem to connect well is the actual person upon which the story of legendary has been based. The mythology does not well explain whether, the Arthur was a true child or imagination, which was created by the ancient Britons. However, there is a great connection between the mythological class work and the actual representations in the King Arthur's film.

The film has a great connection between the mythology and the real happenings. The first issue is based on the actual and natural representations and activities. Around the year 500 and 537, there were great wars fought by the Saxons and the Artorius in Wales. The story of Arthur as a king who was a legend revolves around many situations which include the creation of a surrounding of many loyal people around his throne, just like the legendary Irish hero Finn. Arthur is also said to have originated from the tree of Aeneas, who was a great founder of the great Roman kingdom. His relationship with Arthur is reflected in the modern and ancient kingdoms, of Rome, in Greece. Arthur is considered as one of the greatest leaders within the British Empire, who uniformly brought together, all the leaders and the people of Britain together, who were initially at war (Wood, Para 2).

The life of King Arthur was based on secrets, which began with his birth, growth and even his death. In the actual situation, there are many myths which explain how Arthur became the king, especially by drawing a sword from a rock, where the sword had been for many years. According to traditional stories, it is believed that Arthur, together with his queen, Guinevere, were buried near the abbey church, which located in the Glastonbury, and built A. D. 166, by the British, till fire brought it down in the year 1184. I would recommend anyone to watch this film, based on the events which enroll the rich and high level of tradition information invested within the film, as well as the high standard of clarity in its shooting (Arthurian Legend, Para 4). The reason is for the connection between the real-life mythology and the ancient world, based on the actual activities represented in the world.

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