Free Essay on Why Drivers' Education Should Be Put into the Schools' Curriculum

Published: 2019-09-27
Free Essay on Why Drivers' Education Should Be Put into the Schools' Curriculum
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Drivers education had been encompassed in the school curriculum but it was removed along the way as a result of austerity measures which were applied to the budget, this is the reason why the school curriculum in countries such as the United States and other nations in the world do not feature in the public schools' education programs. It is unfortunate that the drivers education as important as it does not feature in the school curriculum at any level of education. This essay will cite three reasons why drivers education should be incorporated into the schools curriculum. Studies conducted in the United States of America cited that a large majority of teenagers die as a result of fatal car accidents.

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The accidents that kill a large majority of teenagers point out that the young Turks are not equipped with necessary information and guidance concerning driving. One reason why drivers education should be made mandatory in the school curriculum is to enhance the young become holistic drivers and thus do not pose dangers to other drivers. Drivers education to teach the young drivers best practices such as good driving etiquette and other tips to avoid distraction during driving. Driving courses will enlighten the future drivers with tips about freeway driving, driving practices during unfavorable weather and safe driving techniques in busy streets with a lot of traffic. Such skills cannot be learned elsewhere and thus majority of the young drivers are not fully enlightened on safety practices in driving thus perish in accidents which are avoidable.

Drivers education will thus instill the drivers with all necessary information to keep them safe and thus enhance safety on the roads. Drivers education teaches the importance of safety driving norms, for example, wearing a seat belt and its importance. The majority of uneducated drivers are not enlightened with information on the importance of wearing a seatbelt and how the seatbelt helps to save lives in the event of an accident. A teenager being oblivious of this, perceive that wearing a seatbelt is not cool and thus in the event of car crashes they succumb to serious injuries some of which would be averted if the driver was wearing a safety belt. Teenagers are risk-takers and it is thus important for them to be enlightened on the consequences of bad habits such as texting when driving and the gravity of such actions on their safety and the safety of other roads users.

To achieve utmost safety in our roads, drivers education should be made mandatory in all schools so that at graduation, everyone is a competent and well-trained driver aware of all logistics encompassed in driving. Drivers education will enlighten drivers with information on the rules of the road which a majority of drivers are oblivious about. Drivers education, when introduced into the curriculum, will ensure that the youths have an opportunity to learn important aspects in driving for example vehicle control and practical lessons on crash prevention. These programs in drivers education will go miles in reducing the number of teenage casualties succumbing to fatal car accidents resulting from silly mistakes and oversights prevalent among the young and not well-educated drivers who form a substantial proportion of drivers on our roads.

Drivers education is of utmost importance facet in enhancing safety on the roads and also saving lives which are lost because of avoidable car crashes. Parents and other stakeholders in the education department should put pressure on the government to incorporate drivers education in the schools curriculum and seek new ways of finding funds to be devoted in the running of this program. Making drivers education mandatory in the school curriculum will be instrumental in reducing the number of fatal car accidents globally and create a good and safe environment for drivers on the roads.

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