Essay Example on How the Relationship Affects Healthiness

Published: 2018-12-07
Essay Example on How the Relationship Affects Healthiness
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Relationships and Social connection

Relationships are part of the emotional aspect of an individual that influences their ability to connect with people in the community and creates a bond with others (Robins, Caspi, & Moffitt, 2000). In terms of social connection, a relationship is critical in helping individuals establish interpersonal communication skills that are of essence in helping them get to know and associate with other people. However, with further research on the impact of relationships on individuals, it has been determined that relationships are a major element in the health and happiness of an individual. People who are happy in relationships tend to be happy as compared to those that are not in happy relationships. At the same time, when people are in an unhappy relationship, they tend to suffer from various complications including depression, which affects their ability to concentrate or be active in other activities leading to the development of complications such as diabetes and obesity. The death of Ivan Logan had a profound impact on the Logan family and the household. When Ivan died, Imbie was devastated. In the story, it mentions, ‘Imbie just fell down. She was standing in the back garden, holding the cordless telephone against her ear with both hands’ (Yovanoff, 2009). With time, the home became gloomy with the home and the backyard is described as, ‘The Logan’s backyard started to grow wild. Weeds shot up, filling the gaps in the flagstones and choking the beds. One by one, the roses wilted and fell. Even when they began to cover the path, no one swept them up. The trumpet vines crept over the fence into our yard, exploding in clusters of orange flowers. Dandelion clocks covered the lawn, white like the halo around the moon’ (Yovanoff, 2009). This alludes to the neglect of the backyard and the sorrow that the family members were going through, which also was making it even hard for them to concentrate on their immediate surroundings.

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According to Fox News (2013), after a break up or when in a bad relationship, it becomes easier for individuals to lose weight, which could be attributed to high stress levels due to the breakup between the couples or when things are not okay. On the contrary, people in happy relationships gain weight since they are happy. Another research outcome concluded that it is easier for some couples to lose weight and stay healthy when in a happy relationship as compared to those in an unhappy relationship.

Influence of relationships on individuals

Happiness is another element that has to be considered in evaluating the different benefits and influence of relationships on individuals (Litzinger & Gordon, 2005). Sex has been considered as one of the boosts for happiness among couples that results in a positive character and even association. With satisfaction and good emotions, couples get to live a healthier life. On the other hand, during a breakup or when single, it becomes even harder for couples to remain happy or satisfied since they lack the touch and the association with people who make them happy or contented with themselves. Carr (2011) mentions that, a simple compliment of elation or appreciation has a positive influence on the ability of individuals to feel good or loved thereby promoting healthy living.

It is common among individuals going through a breakup or bad relationship to lose sleep due to extended thinking and regrets of the actions and influence they could have integrated to save or mend their relationship (Institute of Medicine, 2006). Insecurity is also among the many concerns for couples and a contributor to lack of sleep among couples. This also translates to poor a eating habit that affects the general health of individuals and their ability to concentrate on other activities or roles in their lives.

A poor relationship also leads to use of alcohol and poor health habits including unhealthy eating habits. Couples in poor relationships face a complication in determining the best eating and dietary habits that they have to consider. The anger, depression, and stress of being left by their loved ones or not being appreciated in the relationship increases the inability of couples to even think about themselves and the best ways to take care of their issues. Excessive alcohol consumption continues to weaken the body and could lead to poor defense of the body system to reduce the increased risks of infection.


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