Ethics in Consultancy - Free Essay Example

Published: 2020-02-21
Ethics in Consultancy - Free Essay Example
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The success of any business or organization depends on the ability of the parties involved to adhere to the ethics of the business. Adherence to the ethics of a certain field not only guides the relationships of the people involved in the business but also provides a guideline to solve issues that arise. As a professional consultant honesty is one of the major tenets of ethics one must adhere. Ensuring that information one gives is truthful makes it helpful to the clients in that it influences their decisions positively and helps them make the correct decisions about a certain issue. However it is important for one to ensure that the report he gives is of help to the organization he is serving. In cases where one has to make a negative report that might jeopardize the progress of the organization one is serving, one has to weigh the options and seek alternative ways of delivering the report without jeopardizing the sources of funds for the organization. As a consultant I would have to use various techniques to ensure that I do not jeopardize the opportunities for the organization to get funds.

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One of the techniques one can use is to involve the stakeholders in the evaluation process. Involving the stakeholders would help them see the positive parts of the program and see the benefits of engaging in the program. The program is beneficial to the youth and children that need nutrition. The sponsors need to see the benefits of the program before they see the faults of it. This would help the stakeholders be part of the reformation process. I would ensure that the report explains the benefits of the program before exposing the faults of it. This would help build the confidence of the financiers in the program and retain their participation in it. Hiding the truth from the financiers of the program would not only be unethical but also unhelpful to the program (Menzel, D, 2007). Involving the stakeholders would help them be part of the solution in aligning the organization to its goals and missions. Their involvement would help assert an oversight over the management of the organization and increase the reliability of the programs.

Unlike government run programs, public programs depend on the goodwill of the financiers. Integrity and objectivity is therefore an integral part of ensuring that the financers keep on promoting the program. To ensure that this trust is maintained one should create a positive image of the program before exposing the weaknesses of the program. The program has many positive effects and a few defects. It is therefore important to write a report that shows the good of the program before exposing the weak points (Frederickson, H, 2005). After exposing the weaknesses of the program one needs to ensure that the financiers have trust in the programs future. There are several ways in which one can ensure that the future of the program is secured. One of the most effective ways to do this is by giving workable solutions for the problems in the organization. I would come up with workable recommendations that would help the organization align its activities to their mission and vision. The process of coming up with the recommendations should involve various stakeholders to ensure that the trust between the financiers of the program and the mangers is maintained.

The ability to maintain the ethics of any organization is the backbone of the success of it. The ethics acts as a guide to the people in the organization and promotes good relationships between various stakeholders. A key element of the ethics that guide any organization is openness. A characteristic that promotes trust built by the knowledge of the facts about an organization (Cleary, R. 1989). Creating an open environment helps all stakeholders work as a team in promoting the positive aspects of the program. Although the truth might risk jeopardizing the program it is also an opportunity to strengthen the relationship between the managers of the project and the financiers. I would ensure that my report promotes openness in the organization promoting cooperation between the financiers and the managers of the program to ensure that the program is successful.


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