Free Essay about Roosevelt Franklin

Published: 2019-01-23
Free Essay about Roosevelt Franklin
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Roosevelt's system of leadership

Franklin D. Roosevelt became president of America early 1933, and during his regime, he was a voice of hope and reason to the Americans. He led America during the second world war from 1939 to 1945 and through all that time, he reassured the citizens, and that made them believe in him even more. Furthermore, during his rule, he addresses almost all core sectors that are crucial for the country.

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First, when he took over the presidency, America's economy was crippled in that banks were on the verge of failure. In addition to that, industries were declining, and as such, the American industrial production had reduced. Also, there were very many unemployed people in the country, a situation which meant that the general population could not contribute to the growth of the economy in any way. Therefore, during his first speech as president, Roosevelt addressed the public concerning America's economy and explained his strategies towards improving it. During his first days in office, he came up with a bank holiday and also called upon the Congress to come up with banking rules to help the American financial institutions which had failed.

In addition to that, Roosevelt's system of leadership was different from that of his predecessors. All the leaders before him used newspapers as a mode of communication to the public. During his rule, however, Roosevelt used the most common media to address the public. He was informal in his way of tackling problems in that he addressed citizens as if they were all in a conversation. Thus, many of the citizens felt as if they were part of the administration and that the president was part of their lives. Though some critics came up to question his system of government, the citizens loved him.

Economic development

Also, Roosevelt set up the Tennessee Valley Authority during his rule to ensure economic development in the Tennessee Valley and independence for those who lived around the area. This development was a major accomplishment of the New Deal which took effect during President Roosevelt's time in office. The role of the project was to construct dams and power plants, and sure enough, twenty dams were built to control flooding. In addition to that, the dams produced hydroelectric power for use, and they were also vital to increasing agricultural production in the region. The Tennessee Valley Authority took effect once it was established and it is still operational up to date.

Apart from that, Roosevelt addressed the issue of unemployment by creating numerous public works projects to provide employment for the unemployed population. Through the Public Works Administration, for instance, there were contracts for large-scale public works, for example, constructing bridges, roads, dams, bridges, and even airports. Also, through the Civilian Conservation Corps project, over two hundred and fifty unemployed youths got jobs in reforestation and developing national parks. The mentioned projects were of great help because through them; employment opportunities came up so that Americans could earn a fortune from them.

Having come to the office when the industrial sector had declined, President Roosevelt came up with a strategy to revive the industry sector. A good example is the National Industrial Recovery Act which enabled the president to speed up economic recovery. In turn, the industry sector improved and recovered from the failure. Most of the project's president Roosevelt set up were part of his primary development plan "New Deal." However, later during his administration, the Supreme court ruled the New Deal as unconstitutional and stopped the project which was of great importance to the citizens. Despite the court ruling, however, some of the projects continued, and they are still in place up to date.

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