Statistics Essay Example on Plant Automation at Toyota Corporation

Published: 2017-08-24
Statistics Essay Example on Plant Automation at Toyota Corporation
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Problem 1

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Research Topic- A Case Study of Plant Automation at Toyota Corporation

Population and Population Sample of the Research

Toyota is an international corporation that has recently decided to automate its manufacturing capabilities. Automation at Toyota has considerably increased efficiency in car manufacture and assembling in all Toyota Plants. Population for the study will be derived from ten randomly selected Toyota plans across the globe, at least, two manufacturing units from a continent.

Sample Population

Ten employees will be randomly chosen from the marked plant and interviewed thus the population sample will have a total of 100 randomly selected employees. The employees selected must be working in automated units and must have used Toyota cars produced after automation was introduced.

Step to be covered in Research Procedure

1. Research Topic

A case study of Plant Automation at Toyota Corporation is an example of a research topic that necessitates critical analysis through the research work. Such a topic can be organization initiated question so as to bench mark the performance of the new technology as far as car production is concerned.

2. Literature Review

This is a very important part of the research, it enables the research to analyze and relate the existing literature with the research at hand.

3. Hypothesis Statement

Hypothesis statement is a statement that gives an indication of what is expected. For instance "Automation of Operation at Toyota produces ten more cars."

4 Research Question

Narrates the intention of the research in a question format, for Example, is automation at Toyota industry beneficial?

5. Problem Statement

States the intended purpose of the research, for example, to determine the profitability of automating process at Toyota Corporation

6. Research Design

It is the framework through which the research problem will be solved. Research design on Toyota topic can focus on using interview and general study of the production process.

7. Data Collection

This is where the researcher will have to get the information needed for the research by using the methods designed in research design.

8. Interpretation and Analysis of Information

The collected data are worked on using statistical tools so as to come up with the result.

9. Result

This will be the information gathered after analyzing the collected data using statistical tools. Results are very vital since they are used in conclusion and making the recommendation.

10. Conclusion

The conclusion part of the research is the last part of the research; it sums up the whole process by proving if the hypothesis statement is true or false. All the steps must correlate with each other so as to enable efficacy in the research process.

Problem 2

Statistics is one of the necessary instruments that have become part and parcel of our daily operation. When statistics is used efficiently, it has the power to identify and tell us more about trends that took place in the past, the trends that are currently going on and it is very significant in giving the prediction of the possibility of what will be held at future. In our normal daily life, statistics is everywhere, and we apply statistics when it comes to analyzing data that is collected for a research study. Without statistics, the information obtained in the research study cannot be interpreted. Since statistics is a set of mathematical equations that are used in generating an analysis of what is happening in the world around us and research wise. Research cannot be complete without application of statistics. Currently, we are surviving in the world which is associated with the information age, for us to efficiently come up with understanding on the comprehensive information in the world; much of the available information can be interpreted and determined mathematically through the use of statistics.

Application of statics comes hand in hand with the weather forecast, information on the recorded weather data can be interpreted through climate models. These computer weather models used in our day to day life are developed through the application of statistical information that can give a comparison of the prior weather conditions with the existing weather conditions so as to offer a platform that can allow future prediction of weather. Additionally, emergency preparedness can only be managed through the use of statistics. Through forecasting, we can be able to know early and even get prepared for the occurrences of tornadoes and hurricanes. Working with emergency agencies different gears can be put in place to facilitate rescuing of people.

As a medical student, I find statistics to be the most integral part element that drives the quality of my results. Scientist and medical students must clearly show a valid statistical rate of efficiency before offering a prescription to any drug. For every medical study to be thoroughly analyzed, statistics must be behind its success. Notably on the different news reports, we realized that statistic on diseases is reported. Statistics, help in generating the number of those who have died from diseases through offering different category on the age, gender and the region affected, all the variables can be analyzed through statistics. One of the statistical analyses indicates that eighty-five to ninety-five percent of lung cancer patients are chain smokers.

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