Free Essay Answering Why People Enjoy Reading or Watching Movies about Spies

Published: 2019-06-13
Free Essay Answering Why People Enjoy Reading or Watching Movies about Spies
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People spend most of their resources like money and time watching movies and especially spy movies. All we concentrate on is the kind of movie we would like to watch and not the reasons or the factors that drive our attention and interest to like such kind of a movie. May be its time that we ask ourselves some few questions; for example, why do we like to watch spy movies and not comedy or any other trailer movies? There are a number of reasons why people are so much addicted and obsessed with watching movies with the characters acting as spies or even reading books that consist of spy character. This paper will examine the various reasons as to why people like to watch movies or read books that consist of spy characters.

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People are highly motivated to watch a movie that bears a character they are very familiar with (Rentfrow et al, 2011). Most of people who like to watch spy movies does not only watch any movie that hits the market but when it features any character that they have interacted with in other movies, they are motivated to give it a try. Normally, people do not care about who else in the movie or whether the movie is interesting or not; but so long as it features a character that they are well familiar with, they will enjoy it. Research has shown that the movie preference can be measured at various abstraction levels; the levels range from the broad genre to a more specific genre (Rentfrow et al, 2011). For example, we can be analyzed from the trailer to a more specific, spy trailer. People like movie by the personal traits of the characters. People will still have the preference to the movie even if the favorable character is not the main character; as long as he/she features in the movie. Research on the preference of movies has shown that people like characters and whenever the character appears in any movie, they will be ready to watch that movie immediately it hits the market.

Movies and books talk about what affects us in our immediate surroundings (Berger, 2012). Most of the things in these movies and books are what happens in the society and people like to familiarize with what affects them (Berger, 2012). The spy movies or books provide this world in fiction form; although the authors involves their artistic skills in their works, it still turn out to answer the question which most people watching or reading such books wish to find. For example, Americans like to watch the spy movies to get answer the question of corruption which affects most of the major governments agencies. Most of the agencies are known to be submerged in corruption and the people expected and given the responsibility of offering security turn out to betray the people placed under their responsibility. The issue of corruption is something that does not affect America alone but the entire world (Berger, 2012). Most of the movies depict this theme through their characters. For example, the movie Bourne Identify has been so influential for a long period. Most movies that people like so much are the spy movies not because they are special or unique than the rest, but because they express what actually affects the society at the highest level. Society is dynamic and so are the movies or books; books and movies are produced to capture the changes in the society and when something comes up, the media through movies or books will always be there to keep the society informed. Conspiracy is one of the current issues that affect the society and movies and books are trying to capture this through their artistic works (Rentfrow et al, 2011). People like to be updated on what is going on in their environment; and movies and books is one way to do it successfully. People identify with spy movies all over the world because the issue of conspiracy does not affect the United States alone but the entire globe. Therefore, when something is produced on a common theme that affects most countries, people will not look at the place of production or who are the characters first but they will watch it because they are familiar with such issues. Additionally, research has shown that people like to buy what they are familiar with. One will always go for a movie of a character they have interacted with in another movie.

People watch spy movies or even read books with spy characters for the entertainment purpose (Rentfrow et al, 2011). Most of people watch movies and read books majorly to get entertained; getting entertained is getting the emotional desire. Research shows that watching movie or reading a book can help for the therapeutic purposes (Dodds, 2006). Now specific to the spy movies or books, people like such movies or books because they believe that they get the physical instinct satisfaction. Entertainment is viewed as an emotional regulator. People like to watch spy movies despite their fictional expression just to get mental satisfaction. Most of these movies are so fictional with the over speedy cars and someone hanging on the side of a tall building and people like that because it satisfies their mind set up.

Most of the spy movies are known and people have passion for them because they show the unemotional state. Most people like to be bold in life and they need something that can inspire them to develop that behavior or personality (Berger, 2012). If you could ask any person who loves spy movies their favorite movies star, I am sure some of these popular artists will not miss in their responses; Jack Bauer, James Bond or Jack Ryan because of the way they behave, bold and have no time for emotional issues. Spy movies inspire people to develop characteristics that the characters bear in the movie. Most of these characters when they act they look very serious and most people like to emulate such traits and, therefore, they develop a certain deep interest and passion for their movies such that; whenever their movies are released in the market they are the first people to ask for the movies in the movie stores. Jack Bauers movie the 24 hit the market not only in America but the entire world such that; when you ask anyone both the young and old their favorite movie, the only response you are sure of is the 24.

Spy movies or books create awareness to the audience and the public in general (Adams, 2000). The world is revolving very fast and technology is the primary factor behind this. Spy movies show the sophistication of the agencies that encourages innovation. These movies offer the audience a window to perceive the world in a different way by connecting the experiences in reality the way they happen (Berger, 2012). Not everyone might agree with this but it is true; the same way they inspire people to develop a new habit or behavior they also give them the awareness they need to be well conversant with their society. Most of the things we learn such as experiences we learn them from the movies or from the books we have read once in our lifetime. The spy movies inform people of the legal systems of a country. For example, most of the American spy movies such the spy whose main starring is Melissa McCarthy is entirely about the legal system of the U.S and one can easily identify with the systems when he/she is at any part of the world. Spy movies offers a new platform and perspective to look at issues that people may not have been aware of.

Some people like the spy movies because they are motivated and they would wish to one day become a spy (Dodds, 2006). One of the agencies that greatly motivate people in the movies is the CIA which has a huge reputation on the audience of such movies. Most people find a common ground with the actors with the CIA that greatly leaves a lasting impact on them of wishing to wear those budges. Such movies offers their audience with a lesson of many things in social life, such as; using the minimal time to produce greatest results, ability to work under pressure and ability to make the right choices based on the best priority (Adams, 2000). These are some of the major life skills that one cannot expect to get a lesson on them while in school but they are very important for survival. Spy movies are the right place to take this lesson under no supervision or evaluation and at the same time getting entertained.

America is well known for its great actors in spy movies such as; James Bond, Melissa McCarthy, and Jack Ryan who are well known for their famous movies all over the world. Apart from the movies and films, America is also known for other artist in other industries such as the music industries (Hertsgaard, 2003). America is known for its social nature that it accommodates various cultural backgrounds that are integrated. This can be seen in the movies; most of spy movies are not concentrated on one aspect of life or one group of people. it explores variety of cultures; for instance, the CIA are known for travelling a lot and this gives people the opportunity to explore the new and different cultures.

In conclusion, people will always have positive attitude towards spy movies despite their extra fictional expression. There are a lot that people learn from such movies; they offer people a large education that can take many years to undertake in school in two or three hours.

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