Essay Sample on Balancing School and Life

Published: 2023-03-14
Essay Sample on Balancing School and Life
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The corporate world of professionalism harbors lots of mental and physiological torture for artisans in the field of nursing due to a lack of defined boundaries of time at the workplace and homes. Nursing is indeed an involving professional but very rewarding. Developing a self-care plan enhances health standard and wellbeing, stress reliever, and maintaining work ethics as a nurse. Therefore learning to identify activities and practices that support one's wellbeing as certified personnel helps build positive self-care in the end. The significance of these is understanding self-care while developing the plan to practice it. Therefore, this paper highlights the balancing of school and life - my quality of life self-care plan.

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My current score on the quality of life self-care wheel ranges 8. This is a positive deviation of 3 from the last time I evaluated my life self-care at 5. This score is an inch short of my target at 9. I do believe that am headed in the right direction concerning balancing my school and social life in managing the common phenomenon of stress and tension levels (Agosti et al, 2015). Moreover, I have now developed a better understanding of myself individually, particulars including the areas of socio-emotional lifestyles, my profession's intellectual capacity, and features.

First and far most, my respect well earns at the level of interaction by social standardization, relationship, and putting efforts to get along with my neighbors. Secondly, I have improved my spiritual wellbeing, i.e. setting up 10 minutes every dawn to reflect on my spirituality and attending morning devotion as stipulated in my church manual (Naess et al., 2016). This has further reinstated a weekly purpose of getting divine guidance and adding meaning to my life. I have therein established inner peace and harmony within my being even as I improve my spirituality.

Thirdly, I have improved my emotions by expressing every desire of my heart. Initially, I often forewent any consideration to express my emotions whether negative or positive, a sign of weak balance. In the essence of understanding my self -care, I can now link between emotions and stress and am keen on expressing all emotions in strategies to cope up with life challenges.

Another reason to smile with this care attribute is how I am finding professional fulfillment. I have improved my wellbeing by finding wholesomeness in the nursing career and understanding its meaning since it improves the lives of other public holders. Additionally, am setting up a connection between better balance and my vacation/school activities on time. Management strategy is learning this time (Agosti et al, 2015). I have improved my intellectual wellbeing through answering my imaginations, engaging myself in creative activities, and severe thinking on problems I face. The fact I now understand is learning is a lifetime process, and in no time, an individual in my surroundings will be all-knowing. As a result, I am open-minded to new ideas and experiences with undertaking cerebral growth. Finally, I have improved my physical wellness through healthy habits, nutritional diets and engaging in a frequent exercise like walking 30 minutes a day (Naess et al, 2016). I am more proactive in achieving healthy lifestyles. This has been the turning point to experiences of improving since my health is well taken care of and a decision to remain healthy.

Overly, I keep on ensuring my plan allows me to achieve a target of 9. This is possible by incorporating fast time speed strategies that compliment my previous strategies. First is to share my plan with my inner circles, with the intention being to gain more support and pieces of advice. Secondly, I will review my current stands and adjust as per needs of the resulting characteristics. Eventually, I will access resources from professional institutes and incorporate the appropriate resources into my plan. With respect to doing well, balancing my life and the school has enabled better myself. Besides, I strongly believe in achieving goals at fast speeds by incorporating the new three acquired strategy to complement my current plan quality self-care lifeform.


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Naess, A., Fjaer, E. G., & Vabo, M. (2016). The assisted presentations of self in nursing home life. Social Science & Medicine, 150, 153-159.

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