Domestic Violence in Nurses - Research Paper Example

Published: 2018-02-09
Domestic Violence in Nurses - Research Paper Example
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Domestic violence literature

Under this chapter, it will entail how to establish the appropriate laws to curb such violence, investigate the nature of the problem, evaluate other past studies relating to the topic of psychological effects due to domestic violence in nurses. Lastly, we will explore the theories that can be put into place to help in promoting good psychological health and how to reduce the domestic violence that is mostly directed to nurses. Furthermore, there comes a need to look at the relationship between the literature review and the hypothesis. Nurses over time have suffered psychologically although the issue has not received the required attention as per say. This has come out to be global phenomena that end up killing psychologically the people in the society who end up saving other individuals lives (Ochberg, 2013). By this issue receiving inadequate attention, the fundamental effects more so the psychological ones are clearly outlined. In the recent years, several strategies have been put in place to reduce such incidents to enable the nurses to have the peace of mind while at the workplace. In order to do away with this monster for once and for all, appropriate measures and laws have to be put into place. A good example is the provision of the protection act. This act goes ahead in outlining clearly the need of the individuals who might undergo such injustices to report immediately. Once this individual has reported, proper action will be taken against that partner who has led to the other suffer psychologically. After the individual causing the same has been reported, the appropriate action taken should portray justice to the nurse or any other individual who had been offended. Cases of prejudice should never exist as the act should be at the forefront to protect the individuals who have been suffering. If such actions are to be taken against those who do such harms, nurses will henceforth be at peace as other partners with the same intention will shy off from committing the act.

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According to Ramsay et al. (2012), however, due to the loopholes and the laxity of the law enforcers, nurses who have been suffering from psychological torture never receive justice since the laws ought to have been established are never implemented. Many are the instances where the involved authorities have portrayed the picture of condoning the practice. In addition, the law enforcers and the state in general often remain silent watching such instances happening in the society. This has to be fought against with since the authority is in charge of ensuring everyone is safe from any kind of violence. The civil society hence needs to be more aggressive. Community organizations work hard day in day out to come up with efficient laws that will help to resolve the same. Furthermore, educating the masses is also important. They are made aware of the existing laws protecting them from domestic violence hence creating a healthy psychologically state. Other instances also do happen where individuals are misunderstood being derived by false accusation. Putting community therapies into place will help in resolving the same (Ramsay et al., 2012). Hence the importance of giving the evidence first before the punishment is given out will be clearly be outlined. On the other hand, those victims who have been subjected to such kind of suffering should have proper treatment and medication. This will facilitate the collection of information as well as reporting of such cases to the relevant authorities for justice to be taken. Various factors that lead to individuals subjecting nurses to domestic violence leading to psychological effects can be easily be controlled. However, this has not been the case as most of the community-based systems have inadequate resources hence not been able to deal with cases of nurses being subjected to domestic violence due to lack of enough resources.

More cases have made it clear having a challenge of collecting enough information hence making it hard to pass a sentence during the process of instituting laws on how to persecute offenders. A number of nurses who have been victims of domestic violence have feared to give out information considering this a start of support withdrawal. The reason as to why is because many of the offenders are usually the breadwinners in such relationships. However, a number of states have to go further in offering financial support if for any case such scenarios happen nurses are assured of that. Medical facilities to the victims are also important. However many individuals may fail to access such medications since they fear abuse recording. Victims consider such matters as private and should only be solved within a family setup. As a result, fight against reducing psychological effects in nurses from domestic violence becomes difficult. Furthermore, the family physicians will help in matters to do with nurses being harassed psychologically (Chang et al., 2015). This will encourage every member of the society to know the importance of giving out information concerning the scenario and their rights in a family. They will go ahead in offering education, moral support encouraging one another the need of being informed as for the way to help curb the issue of domestic violence which in turn lead to psychological suffering. On the other hand, when it comes to government, it should be at the forefront in offering awareness to all nurses laying out the correct channels to be followed in seeking justice. However, it remains the role of the state to establish such education forums, putting forward stun warning and punishments to follow when offenders do pose any form of violence which may lead to psychological problems towards nurses.

Domestic violence research methodology

Under this part, research to be undertaken will be more detailed and have thorough research to have been done for proper establishing the connection between the variables. There exists a number of variables to be looked at which includes proper law enforcement and support which entails treatment programs having to do with domestic psychological effects due to domestic violence, the impact of introducing public education and the relationship that exists among others. The main focus will be on data analysis, the various data collection strategies and the proper designs to collect data.

3.1 Sampling

Sampling can be simply be defined as any selection of a group or a sample percentage of a population representing the overall population. Since the study about psychological effects of domestic violence in nurses is a qualitative design, in order to get relevant information, any purposeful sampling technique will be used. Ability to provide the appropriate data, characteristics of the sample used representing the whole population, availability as well as the accessibility will have to be given attention to. Since the list of the participants who may contribute to this study is so long, the appropriate ones to consider are counselors, government officials, physicians and the nurse victims who have suffered psychologically. On how to get information about our study, emails comes out to be appropriate as it will be used to send questionnaires to the participants.

3.2 Filling in Questionnaires

Use of open-ended questionnaires will have to issue as it makes the participants feel free when giving out any necessary information. When using an open-ended questionnaire about psychological effects of domestic violence in nurses, the respondents will give descriptive data since they are not bounded within a given response. The research instrument to be used means that the use of primary data during the study is important and will have to include the data. When the appropriately structured methodology is applied, data will come out to be reliable and have a higher level of validity. Some cases of validity do occur when some questions are being misinterpreted by the respondents. Such will be eliminated through coding, analysis, unbiased data pre-coding and finally through interpretation (Husso et al., 2012).

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