How Good Are Your Communication Skills? Free Essay with the Answer

Published: 2022-02-16 17:34:58
How Good Are Your Communication Skills? Free Essay with the Answer
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Effective communication entails more than just the mere exchange of words. It involves the active participation of both the sender and the recipient. Commonly, information can be passed from one party to another vocally, non-verbally, visually, or through written means. In spite of the method chosen, the sender should ensure that the conveyed message is clear, accurate, and compelling (Hollinshead, 2014). Primarily, this essay describes the strengths and weaknesses of my communication skills' as highlighted in the communication quiz.

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For any given communication to be deemed complete, Morreale, Osborn, and Pearson (2000) opine that the sender, information, channel, and the receiver must be present. Often, the sender chooses the right channel depending on the urgency of the message, clarity, privacy needed, as well as the cost of the medium. One of my strongest elements of communication is regarding the choice of the medium to use. Naturally, an appropriate channel enhances better understanding and removes any personal barriers. Before delivering my message, I always think about what the receiver needs to know. This assists me to choose a medium that will relay the message with a high degree of clarity.

Importantly, I am also an active listener, an aspect that helps to improve my understanding of the message (Hollinshead, 2014). However, at times, I tend to ignore my receiver's perceptions, with an assumption that things will get well later. I am, therefore, working to establish clarity in my communication process, to help the receiver interpret the message as intended. One of my most significant aspects not discussed in the quiz is being confident. I always express my ideas openly and honestly. In effective communication, an individual's opinions are just as essential as those of everyone else (Morreale et al., 2000). However, the sender influences the ability of a receiver to believe what he/she is communicating. Thus, I always ensure that I am certain of what I am saying, by reviewing my content before delivering it to my recipients. This enhances my ability to communicate confidently without fear.

In conclusion, it is clear that communication requires understanding emotions and intentions behind a given conversation. More often than not, the sender plays a significant role in establishing a good communication rapport. He or she must consider the accuracy levels of the channel and urgency of the information among other factors. More importantly, the message ought to be precise and clear for the communication process to be efficient.


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