Essay Sample on Criminal Law Special Interest Influences

Published: 2018-11-09
Essay Sample on Criminal Law Special Interest Influences
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External Influencers of Public Policy

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) constitutes a non-profit organization that is independent of its operations. The Union's mission is to preserve and defend American rights to the liberties provided to all the human beings in their states by the laws and the United States Constitution. ACLU operates through litigation, lobbying, and community empowerment. It is considered to be a protective as well as an authorized organization since it uses three pointed advances to shape the policy across the America states. ACLU applies the following approaches to influence criminal justice in public policy.

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The American Civil Liberties Union engages Americans in public education in an array of topics. It acquaints them with awareness of their rights through presentations op-eds and news articles, addressing them in community gatherings and political meetings. The union participates in constructive discussions with government officials including the attorneys about public policy that appear challenging to avoid future inconveniences (Marion & Oliver, 2012).

The American Civil Liberation Union effectively uses lobbies by establishing a regular presence at the US legislature biennial sessions where it provides its evidence with the aim of stopping bills considered to have legal infirmities from becoming laws. It further negotiates for bills that enhance basic liberty and rights (Utter, 2016).

Prevention of Gun Violence through Brady Campaign

Lastly, ACLU through litigation works to ensure lawsuits are placed in the state or federal judiciary in case the legislation or education cannot ban legitimate concerns. Bringing lawsuits to these courts ensures that they become beneath the United States Constitution that paves the way for the individuals to file lawsuits in case, they get underprivileged their constitutional rights (Marion & Oliver, 2012).

The Brady Campaign is considered as the United States largest, and independent grassroots group leading the fight off gun violence. It is further divided into two; the Brady Campaign and Brady Center. Brady Center works towards the prevention of gun violence while the Brady Campaign somehow gets involved in politics though it primarily aims at the lobbying operations of the gun laws (Utter, 2016).

Brady Campaign uses the following methods as means of influencing criminal justice public policy. A lawsuit is the first technique. Brady Center's program has stood out to be the rare group championing on corporate gun fighting and lobbying in courts working tirelessly to eliminate gun-related injuries and deaths (Utter, 2016). The campaign works on transforming the risky and careless practices of gun manufacture by representing gun violence victims through towering force lawsuits. It also ensures that justice is administered to the officers and their families who sustained injuries or died while they were in the line of their duties.

Public Opinion and Special Interests

The campaign by Brady Campaign championing for the prevention of gun violence turned to be a success in the sight of precedents making sure that gun organizations are answerable for the damages caused and can be detained lawfully. The campaign victories made gun manufacturers and dealers retrieve their practices, and they can now avoid the sale of guns to unauthorized organizations or groups (Utter, 2016). It also sent a stern warning to gun dealers that provided weapons to anyone including criminals. The Brady Campaign empowers communities against violence against each other. They have support lines that enable the public support any threats that they may be experiencing. The support lines are managed by trained professionals who have capabilities of bureaucratically dealing with crime reports.

Public opinion constitutes people's attitudes, general observations and viewpoints on a particular point or topic as an expression of the important component of society. Many scholars combine all the above items like a certain part of civilization and synthesis of observations while others consider it as a collection of differences or opposing points of view. However, academics of public opinion comprehensively classify the occurrence of public opinion into four. They include the issue, significant figures or professionals who determine the views of articulation, the existence of agreements amongst the collection of those views and the agreement must be straight and indirectly put pressure.

There exists a society section referred to as the Special Interest Group with a significant role in community criminal justice. The group, which is a subgroup of a large organization with a common interest of shared attention in learning and creating more knowledge on a particular information while incorporating technology as well as bring the associates on board to influence with the aim of creating solutions to various problems (Marion & Oliver, 2012). The group is responsible for initiating meetings, conferences, and other relevant talks. Incorporation of untimely online service suppliers such as CompuServe enables the SIGs to become a component of exacting interests.

Factors Responsible for the Exclusive Influence of Criminal Justice Public Approach

The media is always at the forefront of Criminal Justice information since it acts as the primary source of the criminal activities information. Many people inadequately interact to the amount of information that they once get and experience a great communal alienation (Marion & Oliver, 2012). The poor interaction results in the high dependence of the media on reports and other information both at the local and international levels. It also leads to increased state's dependence on the media to cope with the increased perceived risks. However, if a state fails to handle such risks comfortably, most probably, the public turns to populist powers beyond the States for assured explanations.

Business pressures play a critical role in verification of the media's current treatments of aggression and offense including the potential exposure in reshaping the common opinion in liaison with criminal justice strategies. Reports released by the media reflect the various events that take place in civilization (Utter, 2016). Participating in criminal justice happenings create chance-ending events in the lives of citizens. Policies regarding serious offenses of the history generation and those on drugs provide compulsory verdicts as they have affected many citizens.

Individuals who have been arrested, incarcerated for long sentences or acted against the most considered offenses for harsh punishments are subject to face cultural profiling alongside their families and communities, mass imprisonment, and re-entry fences after they got their jail release (Utter, 2016). It is worth to note that increased obstructions chances do not constantly spread across all the Americans. Existences of class and racial bias negatively affect the fairness of criminal justice at all the angles beginning from suspect arrests, sentences, trials, confinements, and releases.

Today, there is increased scrutiny and criticisms of the country's mass confinement. The criminal justice system is subject to major improvements on the community policy schedule. A scan of governmental activities across various states shows that improvements are taking place.


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