What if Heterosexuality Were Frowned Upon Instead? This Free Essay Provides the Answer

Published: 2022-04-08
What if Heterosexuality Were Frowned Upon Instead? This Free Essay Provides the Answer
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The video shows a scenario where roles are reversed from the world as we know it, and heterosexuality is deemed an abomination. The short film is created around a young girl, Ashley, who is heterosexual. She understands that she is different from other people and wants everybody to understand, and accept her choices. The film allows us to view sexual discrimination from the view of the oppressed (Brandon, 2013).

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People are born in a certain way, but the manner in which they are raised can play a central part in altering their character. In this context, we see that Ashley is born heterosexual, but her parents are apparently gay. She is brought up with the understanding that same-sex marriage is the way to go in society. Her inner urges, however, go against the norm. She knew that she was destined to be different from the other people since she was little. It shows that people are born with an inkling of who they are, and what they want in life, but society plays a central role in shaping the habits. Ashley was brought up by a loving family because they were comfortable in their behavior (Brandon, 2013). It makes sense, therefore, that the parents ought to let her do what gives her joy in life. It is the sad situation about intolerance of norms that differ from ours. People do not like it when others behave differently. If the world were gay, the proverbial shoe would shift to the other foot. Individuals are created in a unique manner that makes us all different from each other, and thus we should embrace these differences.

Bullying and psychological torture are common problems, especially among children in the digital age. We see how the other kids turn against Ashley because of her different sexual orientation. The victims in such a situation are forced to abandon their feelings and take up what society has to offer. Ashley knew that she would be different from the rest of the community, but she remained unfazed as she grew. The pressure to fit in is often from without, and it can lead to deadly consequences as we have seen in the film. Ashley was bullied in school and via the phone. Her parents were also forcing her to abandon her ways since they were inappropriate (Brandon, 2013). Alienated from family and friends, she locks herself in her room and commits suicide. Ashley loves everyone, despite them having a different sexual orientation from her. Society should not judge her since she does not judge her parents or all other people practicing homosexuality.

The film uses an imaginary world to prove how selfish and unfair society is when it forces people to conform to particular sexual orientation. The video creates a twist on societal norms to emphasize its message. Heterosexuality is despised and discouraged, and the death of Ashley is a perfect example of how these scenarios end up. The video has a massive impact since it is framed in a context that most people in our society understand. It places heterosexuals in the same place where they put gays in our contemporary world. It is now clear that the mistreatment and bullying of gays is profoundly unfair, and people need to change their attitudes. Society ought to be tolerant of the choices of others since people are unique.


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