Free Essay on Corporate Communications: Immigration Reform

Published: 2018-11-29
Free Essay on Corporate Communications: Immigration Reform
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The immigration laws

The immigration laws would have a lot of effect on the college economically, politically and demographically. The schools will lose a lot of money since students outside the U.S who help in increasing the number of students hence some funds collected from the students as part of school fees will be largely reduced. It is important to note that schools quickly develop and run their daily lives from the amount collected as school fees. As such, it can be concluded that the College that I am part of will greatly be affected financially (Kennedy, 2016). Another important fact is that the immigration laws would bar the students who are already admitted from returning to College to complete their studies if they ever lived the U.S. Some of them would lose parents especially those whose parents came to the U.S when they were young or probably had not been born.

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The immigration laws would lead to the violation of the agreement that existed between Northwestern College and other universities outside the U.S which involve the universities bringing their students into the college for further learning.

Another consequential matter that the college might face is the loss of workforce. The college has got a large number of workers who are not of American origin. Through the immigration laws, the majority of them would end up being deported back to their country. Of course, there are several of the workers who came into the U.S and got employed in the institution way long when there were no strict restrictions. The workers who are not documented have a high chance of being deported back to their country hence that would make the college experience shortage in the workforce. Since there are several lecturers who fall in this category, if at all they are deported, learning activities will be paralyzed within the institution.

Comprehensive immigration reform

As such, there is the need for immigration reforms to ensure that the economic status of the country, as well as all the institutions in it, are not affected. The demographic look can also be maintained and made better by proposing sufficient changed to the immigration laws (Kennedy, 2016). For the college not to lose several students, there is need to give the students documentation such as visas for them to become citizens of the United States of America. This is to ensure that they complete their studies at the college and also for the country to retain the workforce which will continue generating for them more income hence increasing the GDP of the country. There is also need for the quotas to be adjusted as well as new immigration requirements formulated so that there can never be any complications in future.

My recommendations are clear and precise aimed at making the institution that I am part of continuing operating so that it achieve its objectives. I believe that there is the need for a comprehensive immigration reform that must have a clear roadmap on how it will be implemented. It must address some of the key issues while taking the economy of the country into effect. The laws must be applied in a humane manner whereby the detention of parents who are in the country illegally is stopped and all the detention centers closed and shut down.


Kennedy, E. (2016). Immigration Law: Some Refinements and New Reforms. International Migration Review, 4(3), 4.

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