A Citizen of Massachusetts, American Culture Essay Example

Published: 2018-05-24
A Citizen of Massachusetts, American Culture Essay Example
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Massachusetts Citizen Fighting for Her Country

Deborah Sampson is known as a citizen of Massachusetts when she abandoned her feminism and decided to behave like a man as a way of earning a living and fighting for her country. Despite the fact that she was abandoned while young did not hinder her from being successful in life. In America, women were left at home to educate and clothe their children, to feed and take care of livestock, and maintain farms while their husbands are at the battle field (Van den Hoonaard, & Van den Hoonaard, 2016). However, for Deborah Sampson, she abandoned everything including her culture to pursue more daring endeavors like donning men’s clothing, cutting her hair, binding the breasts or spying and enlist in the war.

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In such terms, the author of Deborah Sampson’s biography Herman Mann was shocked to see her being disguised as a man to serve in the military. Herman Mann did not believe that women would ever serve in the army regarding the American culture. Nevertheless, Debora Sampson went ahead, opposed the culture, and served in the Army where she finally came out as a hero. Herman Mann, the author, did not believe that women will ever serve in the military because in America from every corner of the society, women lived in a culture that restricted their movement and ambitions. However, with Deborah Sampson she behaved bravery by prevailing social customs, breaking the law and enlisted as a man (Smith, 2016). In that case, this is the bravest character that made the author to write a book about a citizen of Massachusetts, as a way of inspiring young and coming women generations, that they can go beyond boundaries to fight for their lives. Deborah was known for being a risk taker and so courageous, due to that, she appears like a role model to all women. Therefore, women need to be brave, cross boundaries, break conventions, and do miraculous things.


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