Free Essay: Breaking the Barriers and Comprehension for Middle Schools

Published: 2019-05-23
Free Essay: Breaking the Barriers and Comprehension for Middle Schools
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For quite a long time, minority students have been falling behind non-minority students, and schools have been endeavoring to make ends meet. It has, indeed, been trying for middle and secondary schools, particularly when endeavoring to build reading accomplishment: Since most intermediate and secondary teachers are non-English instructors, they need perusing guideline readiness, consequently, miss the mark when endeavoring to help disadvantaged readers. Currently a minority middle and high school teachers face many challenges, especially in managing the classrooms and motivating students. Tatum (2000) states that one of the biggest challenges in helping the students to overcome their reading barriers is that most of the teachers are usually prepared to teach non-English students thus lack preparation in reading instructions. This acts as a hindrance to the academic achievement of the pupils. Some pupils in the middle school always fail their exams due to their inability to read. Just to ensure that these students achieve their academic excellence, there are some strategies that must be put in place.

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Reading barriers should be overcome by sustained silent reading. These students should be given many reading opportunities to enable them improve their reading skills. The more the students read, the more they become efficient. Reading for homework alone may not be enough for the students to improve their reading skills. Instead, schools should implement reading times such as sustained silent reading (SSR). For the SSR, students should be offered appealing books that differ in levels and genres and are culturally relevant. It is important that teachers should be provided with levels to see that every student selects and reads appropriate books. To make it easy for students to select appropriate leveled books, color coding is recommended. This helps in motivating the SSR. However, there are some schools which utilize SSR but fail to produce positive results. This is because their students are allowed to read books at randomly. It is true that students should be permitted to select books on their own, but it is important that they choose books that fit their interest and reading levels. Since this is imperative, it is advised that schools carry out an assessment to determine each students reading level. Fang (2006)

The use of trade books can help in overcoming the reading skills of students. This is a strategy that can encourage the students to read without feeling that the books are boring and difficult to read. There are numerous narratives and informational content that can provide a valuable complement to most textbooks. Trade books vary in reading levels thus motivating students and increase their reading comprehension and build their fluency. It is critical for teachers to provide students with frequent opportunities to read trade books. This will help in improving their fluency and comprehension. Tatum (2000)

In conclusion, according to Fang (2006), to build perusing accomplishment among minority students, middle and secondary schools must actualize methodologies and train instructors for a successful implementation. Since most schools are planning to actualize Common Core State Standards (CCSS) which obliges students to implement a mixed bag of content, it is particularly crucial to prepare educators to help break the reading boundary. Research-based strategies should be applied will assist in equipping the teachers to increase reading achievements and to help them overcome barriers such as motivating students and differentiating instructions. This will assist in controlling bad behaviors. Therefore to break the barriers and comprehension in middle schools sustained silent reading and the use of trade books among others are the key strategies that should be implemented. The two techniques are essential ways of breaking the barriers and comprehension in middle schools.


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