Citation and Notification of Penalty - Workplace Safety Essay Sample

Published: 2018-03-22
Citation and Notification of Penalty - Workplace Safety Essay Sample
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Exposure level to lead fumes during operation

Action 1

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This action is required for the citations as well as penalties since the exposure levels of lead were not kept in the required acceptable disclosure level since the release was about twice the allowable release limit. The action would be of importance since production controls would be implemented to lessen the exposure. (Williams, 2014) Resources to be employed for the action to be accomplished are a modification of ventilation hood for it to collect the metal fumes well and modification of the current ventilation system for it to better confine the velocity of the ventilation hoods.

Action 2; A written respiratory program

This action was required for quotation and punishment because there was no written plan that was made for workers who were overexposed to lead and who needed to put on breathing apparatus during work. The action will be of great importance in responding to citation along with penalty because a written plan will be handed over to the region manager outlining a schedule for the realization of the engineering measures to be in charge of workers exposure. The program will opt for most advantageous control actions; weigh up the scope and locality of the vulnerability basis and put in control procedures.

Workers health check review to find out their capability to use breathing apparatus

Action 3

The action was required as employees did not give out a medical assessment to know whether they were fit tested or were required to use the breathing apparatus in the place of work. This action will be of great importance since the assessment control measures will be installed, and determination of control measures will be easy as well. Also, provide efficient breathing apparatus as well as advising all workers to wear them as a protective measure. (Connolly & Crowell, 2016).

Action 4; An initial determination was not made to determine whether any worker was to be exposed to lead or above the action level

This action was required because no air sampling was being done to determine if the workers were at risk of lead during welding operation or not. The action will be of very great significance as correction will be completed by the implementation of possible manufacturing measures along with air sampling results to efficiency in attaining compliance.

Job training programs were not established

Action 5

This action was required for citation and penalty since there was no training done for employees who were greatly exposed to lead while welding in the frame assemblage region. This action will be of great importance because it will determine control measures, train workers in the maintenance and how to operate the newly implemented control techniques, assure workers of the efficient performance of the control technologies, access control measures options and plan the extent and locality of the source of the hazard. (Cunio & Melhem, 2014).


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