Free Paper Sample, Energy Policy in the US: Chapter 10 and 11 Reading Notes

Published: 2022-06-22
Free Paper Sample, Energy Policy in the US: Chapter 10 and 11 Reading Notes
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Please complete each of the three sections. Skipping a section or writing no new terms/ideas/questions will result in a zero for that section. Keep in mind that these reading notes will serve as a study guide for your midterm and final exams.

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New terms (with definitions)

Chapter 10

Carbon Taxes: This is a levy typically placed on fuels which contain carbon, and thus, have the capability of releasing carbon (IV) oxide emissions. Placing these levies is aimed at reducing the use of fuel and hence create a more sustainable environment.

Energy Mix: Theseis a set if different forms of energy which are available to specific nations. These forms of energy vary from region to region, and in developed countries, and it mainly includes fossil fuels.

The inertia of the Energy System: These are the forces which compel a nation to utilize unsustainable forms of energy, such as fossil fuels, despite them being a need to adopt other forms that are more economical.

Chapter 11

Gulf oil spill: The Gulf oil spill is a disaster that occurred in deepwater a the Gulf of Mexico in 2010 that resulted in the death of 11 people. In the incident, almost five million barrels of oil exploded. The disaster has since influenced a series of changes in the energy systems of the US significantly.

BEVs: BEVs are Battery Electric Vehicles. These are forms of automobiles that have been manufactured to minimize the amount of Carbon (IV) oxide released by combusting fuels.

MMS: Its stands for the Minerals Management Service. It is an agency in the US which controls the usage of natural gas alongside other similar resources.

Key ideas

Chapter 10

To manage energy use, it is necessary to implement policies and to support energy efficiency programs

Additionally, supporting research programs and eliminating subsidies is essential for enhancing regulative actions.

Carbon taxes on fossil fuels are mean to reduce the imports.

In the US, setting these taxes has been challenging because it is hard for Congress to implement policies. Making a transition into renewable sources of energy is a reasonable solution to the energy problem although the implementation process has been marred by many challenges.

Most of the policies implemented by international regulatory bodies are seemingly unsustainable for a competitive environment

It is, therefore, necessary to control energy resources locally for the processes to be sustainable

Chapter 11

The gulf oil spill resulted from failures in technology despite the notable technological advances

This event greatly changed the management of energy in the US.

One challenge with energy use in the US is a false perception that Americans cause as much energy as they can afford.

Also, other local issues make it hard for the Minerals Management Service(MMS) to articulate proposals on energy management.

The policy options for the management of energy are also limited because the federal government seemingly lacks the regulating power.

When transitioning to a new vision concerning energy use, it is essential to make the American public support the new vision.

Increase the public understanding of these policies also helps to make the process practical.

It is, thus, necessary to ensure that a conducive environment is created for appropriate energy policies to be implemented.


Chapter 10

Which three significant challenges necessitate the adoption of an appropriate energy policy by the US?

Why is it necessary to place taxes on fossil fuels that emit carbon emissions? What are some of the reasonable solutions to the peak-oil problem in the short term?

Chapter 11

Why have many energy policies ultimately failed?

What solutions can enable Americans to reduce the amount of energy they use?

What actions that have already been adopted by citizens of the US, can enhance the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions?

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