Creation vs Evolution Essay Example

Published: 2017-10-25
Creation vs Evolution Essay Example
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Dover town was divided. There are those people who accepted Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution while others rejected it. Darwin’s theory states that man evolved from ape-like ancestors to the fully developed modern man. In his theory, Darwin claims that all other organisms can as well grow to become the most complex forms that exist in the universe today. However, in the town of Dover, some people did not agree with the theory. Tey believes that man was created by God, as it is written in the scriptures. Therefore, there is a big rift between science and the scripture.

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Creationism vs Evolution

Trouble began in Dover when a high school student made a portrayed showing the evolution of man from the ape-like creatures to the modern human being. The student posted the picture in class. A few people in town liked the picture while others were offended by it. They felt the image degraded human-kind. Tension rose in the school, and the picture had to be taken down and burnt. The school board had to convene to discuss the matter. During their discussion, the board agreed that such portrayed should be treated as intelligent designs. They then went ahead and made some laws regarding the intelligent designs that they wanted the science teachers to read to their students in class. The teachers, however, refused to read the instruction about the intelligent design claiming that intelligent design is not science, it is not biology, and it has no accepted scientific theories (Monton, 2006).

The case proceeds to a federal court, and it is to determine if intelligent design is a fabrication of science or it should be legalized and whether teachers should be allowed to teach intelligent designs in their classrooms. On October 2004 (Monton, 2006), the case was begun. Some witnesses and testimonies are brought to stand. During the trial, the United States District Attorney E. Jones attacked the Dover school board arguing that it was unconstitutional for the school board to include intelligent design as part of science in their school curriculum. The Attorney pointed out that this act violated the constitution law that protects the separation of state and religious activities in the country. At the end of the court hearings, the court verdict was issued. It barred any public school from including intelligent design in their biology or any other science class.

Evolution vs Creationism

The verdict was a major challenge to the intelligent design students and teachers in various schools across the country. Through the design, it was argued that organisms do evolve and can begin from simple organisms to more complex ones (Monton, 2006). Intelligent designs hold that human behavior and existence can be explained by science and that people tend to adapt to new systems just make life easy for them. On the other hand, the court judges argued that intelligent design is a “breathtaking inanity.” To them, within the school board, they were individual members who had hidden motives as to why they encouraged the inclusion of intelligent design as part of science syllabus. They say the board wanted to promote religion but discourage science.

However, personally, I believe both evolution and creationism should be taught in schools. Evolution is a scientific theory and it prompts people to think and accept certain human traits. In a way, it shows why people are not the same in structure and appearance. But again from creationism it is established that man was created in a supreme being, God, it His image and likeness. It is important for people to accept the existence of God since there are things whose origins cannot be explained but are only attributed to God (Monton, 2006).


Monton, B. (2006). Is intelligent design science? Dissecting the Dover decision.

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