Highest Suicidal States in Our Free Essay Sample

Published: 2017-10-26
Highest Suicidal States in Our Free Essay Sample
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Oklahoma Suicide Statistics

The article “Suicide rates in Oklahoma, Tulsa among highest in the US,” which was published by The Washington Times on August 21, 2016, reveals how the United States, specifically the state of Oklahoma, continues to witness increasing suicide rate. It also suggests that the major predictor of suicides in the region is clinical depression.

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Accordingly, the article focuses on the suicide rate in the State of Oklahoma. It argues that Oklahoma has among the highest suicide rate in the whole of the United States as the state allocates the lowest budget for mental health services. To support such claims, the article cites a recent report by Tulsa World, which indicates that the suicide rate in Oklahoma is 37%, which is higher than the national suicide rate, even as Oklahoma has one of the lowest expenditures on mental health services.

The report further indicates that 12.6 suicide cases per 100,000 people are reported in the United States each year. Correspondingly, Oklahoma witnesses a suicide rate of 17.2 per 100,000 people. The article highlights that this is particularly a concern for the United States as a whole, and it is the reason the University of Tulsa has implemented a programme dubbed “Tulsa Regional Mental Health Plan,” which has a potential to lead to a long-term joint effort to curtail suicide, as well as other mental illnesses in the State of Oklahoma. The programme, which Anne and Henry Zarrow Foundation funds, is expected to run for ten years, and would be a communitywide initiative that focuses on improving regional mental health. It will focus on the causal factors of suicides, how it is done and places it is rampant to set up comprehensive strategies.


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