Paper Example on Nature of Writing

Published: 2023-01-18
Paper Example on Nature of Writing
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Most of the teachers are facing much tension in writing instruction, which is a way of fulfilling the mutual principal of state standards. The emphasis on writing as an effect in both secondary school and college students in their career pathways. Children who are not ready for college career always impact society through practical communication skills, much errors in relevant documents, and other communications. The teachers' experience and beliefs about writing can either prepare students with skillful writing or hinder him/her from effective writing environment. Few teachers may not be acquainted with ways to enable writing rules to help their students. The problem is caused by the following factors: instructional practices given by teachers, pre-service of teachers', in training services on how to write, beliefs of teachers' attitude towards teaching writing and lack of writing instruction for the student.

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The beliefs, tensions, and lack of competent writing skills make people spend a lot of millions of dollars for corrective education to rectify the students writing problems. Lack of proper understanding in writing leads people jobless since recording simple tasks would be a problem for them.

Consider whether you teach by transmission or constructivism

I do teach by constructivism. This is because constructivism is a system that is built on scientific study and observation on how people learn. It articulates, people gain their understanding and the information on the world through the reflection of experiences about things. When an individual encounter something new, he or she reconciles it with the previous ideas and experience, either by discarding new information as irrelevant or by changing what they believe in. To accomplish this, I am required to explore what I know and ask questions. In a tutorial room, the constructivist aim at learning points out to different styles of teaching. In broad, it means, motivating learners to apply lively styles, real-world problem solving, and experiments to gain more understanding and share what they are undertaking and how their view of things changes. Teachers should make sure they understand student's earlier ideas and lead the movement to talk to students and develop their opinions. As a constructivist teacher, one should encourage students to weigh how the activity helps them to gain understanding repeatedly. Through questioning of their strategies and themselves, students become experts' learners, which gives them ever broadening tools to keep them learning. Finally, the best way to make sure my students understand what constructivism is and what it means in class. I encourage to engage in talk with others about it, try it themselves, and see examples of it at work.Do you view writing as a process or a product?

I consider writing as a process because it occurs in stages. Particularly if it has to be presented to the audience, to write successfully, the writer should have a message in mind to communicate to the reader. The writer should also provide information to support the message. During writing, a writer needs to start with an outline to collect ideas. Literacy process provides excellent context and triggers the focus on mean-making and provision of grammatical practice. This enables the learner to monitor the language output.

Teachers can support the students through several revisions of papers. He provides the sustenance for the development of an organization, coherency, ideas, and the aspects of writing. This is all accomplished through the provision of feedback by the teacher to the student and handling any questions or concern the students may have. The writing style helps the student in understanding what kind of writers they are. The one on one conferences with the teachers helps students understand their weaknesses and strengths. This help in solving the problem developed by the students for, completing their writing assignments, which they never learn about their habits and tendencies as writers. Personal attention takes a greater deal of time. This also saves time during the marking of the exams since the teachers are already familiarized with what the students are writing about. The process leads to checking on the final papers to confirm whether the students have revised their paper accordingly as per their teacher's instruction. Finally, the process gives every student attention to growing as an individual. Through this process, both "A" student and a week student get what they need.

How do you feel about student freedom versus teacher control of the classroom and assignments?

According to my opinion, I suggest that we as teachers should look for ways to give students a real sense of ownership in the class. Our goal should be creating an atmosphere that leaves space for our students to have an active role in their learning. As teachers, we are supposed to involve our students in designing a course for them. Teachers should surrender some of their control that they exert on the students, with an interest of fostering flexibility, creativity, and self- direction. During the class, discussion student has the freedom to find their path to their learning paths. So teachers should back off and should act as class facilitators rather than a compassionate dictator. Most of the teachers tend to have much control over the class such that, the students have little say in what they do or when, and even less accountable for their progress towards the mastery of the content. To change this, the following ways should be applied by teachers to give students more freedom in the classroom.

First, teachers should give students multiple attempts. It is a continuous process that can occur differently for every learner. Thinking that all students could learn, asses, practice and move on seems ridiculous. Moving on when the students have failed an exam is an indication that, not only the teacher has acknowledged the gaps created by the failure but also has accepted defeat, even if they will be harmful to the future. Failure should not be the final part but part of learning.

Teachers are also supposed to remove fear from their classroom. The idea is simple, but its significant step of increasing the student's freedom in class. The teachers should think of how they grade, assess, manage, and hoe they assign homework. Arriving at a balanced control and freedom is vast in administering students' motivation and progress. The removal of the modified activities that rises the student fear improves the freedom they need to learn.

Learners should be allowed to set their own pace. The pace is the most important variables to be controlled in a classroom. It determines if the students are involved, frustrated, or bored by their current level of understanding. Learners feel a greater sense of power they are allowed to set their own pace instead of dedicating it to them. The last thing is having trust towards the students. Teachers have to release some of their control to increase the freedom of the students. Increasing power does not mean the suffering of the class. Instead of more implementation on class management, more structures systems and routines can enhance more freedom and flexibility in a classroom, thus increasing the effectiveness of the management. It through Creation of a more welcoming environment, building relationships, and setting clear expectations that teachers can trust their students. Without trust, there will be little hope of getting learners to experience the freedom you are aspiring to provide.

Structured instruction versus instruction that flows as situations evolve

Discussion is the best strategy for boosting student motivation, encouraging democratic habits, enhancing student motivation, and fostering. They help students in sharpening their skills includes the ability to defend and articulate positions. They are, by nature, unpredictable and require instructors to surrender a certain degree over the flow of information. Therefore, careful planning helps us have lively discussions without chaos or losing focus. Physical, Social, and emotional factors can prevent the productive exchange of ideas. Properly structured instructions take all these factors into account. This provides a middle functionality, facilitates alternations to long-term memory. Instructions permit other individuals to act as a substitute for random effectiveness and generation. Purpose of instruction is to build knowledge in the long term- memory.

Teaching students versus teaching the subject

Teachers should teach kids and not the subject alone. The deeper learning education approach does that. This motivates critical and personal thinking in all speculative subjects. Through defending and analyzing long-term projects, students learn to work collaboratively and believe in their usefulness as rigorous thinkers. A student should use injustice projects to explore the world. This is through the selection of topics that benefit them. I think Schools across the country should embrace the deeper learning and implant their curriculum and culture. To facilitate the learning, we need to overcome some challenges like; the difficulty of orchestrating and the structure of the typical school day. Projects within the school also require changes to accumulate deeper learning interdisciplinary nature. Teaching children rather than teaching the subject help them adopt better disposition that will bring joy and embrace challenges in their learning. Teachers are supposed to nurture this technique in their minds so that they can empower and help young people in transforming and learning the personal practice, that could fuel their purpose of life. This prepares the children for their future education and demands.

The teacher-student relationship shows how strategies and practices of literacy are socially constituted and constructed. This answers questions about the findings of literacy teacher research, education, and reform. Teachers need to reform perform research on literacy practices instead of isolating literacy events in the classroom. This will assist in understanding how secondary teaching and learning of literacy shape the contexts in the classrooms. The teacher's beliefs and practices of content should be conceptualized to examine both teachers and student's beliefs about literacy.

What is the purpose and value of writing?

Writing is the primary base of record keeping, history, communication, and art. It's viewed as the baseline of communication. In our daily lives, we encounter writing either in offices or in a restaurant menu, etc. the words we use can tell what kind of a person one is. Communication is mostly transmitted through writing than any other type of media. It's through writing that most of binding agreements and contracts are signed. Writing is viewed as a creative project, whether in building, film, or apiece of literature. Without writing, there would be no flow of ideas. Writing can be used to provide information, express oneself, create work, and persuade. People use writing to communicate ideas as a way of expressing themselves or create a work

Writing is a crucial form of message passage in all walks of life. The words give the whole world everything in it meaning and life. Strong communication is what keeps the world moving in the same direction. It turns to be the most important factor in the working world. It through writing where good relationships, conduction of business and close business deals are formed. Most jobs require one to do it in capacity. Whether it's a teacher writing a time table or a police officer is writing a report. Many businesses organizations need their employees to be competent in writing. This means that a few people secure jobs simply because their writing skill is better than any other applicant.

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