Essay Sample: Youth Service Bureau and Its Impact to Society

Published: 2022-05-27 05:39:16
Essay Sample: Youth Service Bureau and Its Impact to Society
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Initial Logic Model

Many a time, the society has experienced challenges that have seemed to be most tempting to the aged since the impact of the encounters brings forth bitter fruits to the life of both the young and the adults. Therefore, a youth group under the name Youth Service Bureau (YSB) has been established in Central Texas so as to help in the inspiration and restoration of the affected youths. As stated by Grinnell, et al., 2012, that quite a number of affected youths have been registered in the youth program. The institution provides the youths with learning skills for the improvement of their lives, in order to shield them from indulging in crime and develop good behavior.

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Inputs: interns from the local university are to work with instructors

The facility that has been established for the restoration of the youths are furnished with materials for learning in order to achieve the desired goal of changing the lives of the youths have associated with criminal acts and create a promising environment for learning. The materials put in place for learning are both for social and academic empowerment (WK Kellogg Foundation, 2004).

Activities: Engagement of youth in various activities that can help in talking about moral issues

In addition, the youths are to be helped in carrying out their activities like classwork, providing them with some basic training. Moreover, the youths are also to be involved in mentorship programs. These activities are to be performed by both the interns and the support staff members from the university. As referenced by Grinnell, Gabor, & Unrau (2012), Maslow's Hierarchy of human needs, as a principle, is to be used in the evaluation of the activities. The agenda of the Youth Service Bureau is based on the improvement of the youth population and the environmental factors. In addition, the improvement is also targeted on the financial status of their families. Nevertheless, the activities also include guidance and counseling, identification of talents and so on.

Outputs: the combination of the interns from the local university and the instructors

This combination would help in ensuring that youths obtain provisions desired at YSB. A number of support staff and trainers should be favorable in order to assist greatly in the service delivery the youths so as to ensure that they are highly motivated (Calderon-Tina & Gonzales, 2009).

Outcomes: Reduce delinquency in the society

The main objective of the program is to restore a desirable number of youths every year. Consequently, to reduce the crime rates in the community in order to restore peace and justice to the society of the people of Central Texas. The YSB, therefore, has to play an important role in the examination of the youths who managed to complete the process successfully by checking on their current cord of conduct and how they relate with their peers and the other people around them (Wells, Maschi & Slater, 2012)

Criteria for Success

The success of the program is identified by the data collected throughout the process and analysis is carried out on them. Questionnaires are some of the instruments used in the collection of data. The calculation of percentages is done by the staff involved in the process; this is to check on the number of youths who began the program from the beginning until the end. The statistics carried out is vital in the adjustment of the service delivery to the targeted youths. Drug tests are also done by the YSB. The activity is important on checking on the milestone made by the program. Another important aspect that is also used in the identification of the progress is the academic excellence of the youths involved in the process (Grinnell, Gabor & Unrau, 2012).

Impact: Reduction in the deliquescent cases in the society

Since the establishment of the YSB is based on delivery of services like rehabilitation, the institution is interested in changing the lives of the affected youths and their families. Moreover, the YSB is also focused on the limitation of the rates of drug abuse and crime. This is an important ideal to the community and the goal is aimed at achieving about 80% of progress record. The progress is to be achieved by the corporation of the support staff and interns in order to provide mentorship programs and social training of the peers so as to deter them from the influence of their fellows.


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