National Manufacturing Communication Strategy Analysis: Problem-Solution Essay Example

Published: 2019-10-21
National Manufacturing Communication Strategy Analysis: Problem-Solution Essay Example
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Note: Answer the questions in bullet point format, using complete sentences and proper punctuation / grammar for each bullet point. Do not exceed one page.

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What is the problem you're trying to solve? How does it impact the organization or group? The problem I am trying to solve is that the four workers who have been chosen because of their expertise and knowledge and sent to Germany to go learn on the operation of the new equipment launched will not be adequate to run the machines.

One of the reasons is because it will be tiresome for one person to supervise a section and at the same time train the others. This I say from experience

The other problem will occur if we use only one person to supervise and train the others. From my analysis, if we use one person to supervise and train the others, most probably the output rejection rate will increase from the initial norm of 2% to about 5% within the first four weeks of the start of the operation.

A delay in the launch of the operation will also cause the firm to incur a loss of $50000 per week. This is $150000 for the three weeks.

Without proper training the firm is likely to incur a rejection loss of $ 280000 in the first four weeks of launching of the operation.


What is your objective for this presentation? What specifically are you going to ask your audience to do? My purpose is to try and showcase to Mr. Resnick and the corporate management the importance of sending four more workers to be trained in Germany.

I also want to show Mr. Resnick and the corporate management that if the project is launched with only four supervisors, the firm will incur more losses than when the firm postpones the launch until the four more workers have been trained.


Who will be in the conference room? Who is your target audience (decision makers)? Is there a secondary audience? What are the audience characteristics and interests relevant to your message? The main audience, who I would really want to pass the message to is Mr. Resnick and the corporate management because they are the main decision makers in the firm

The secondary audience would be the workers in the company, because if the VP accept to take more workers, it will be a motivational factor to them to work harder in order to get the chance to go for the training.


What are the contextual factors that may influence your message? The main factor I want to pass in my message is that the firm is in a better position financially if it invests in more workers to run the operation than to focus just on the profit in the near future, because it is the trained workers that will ensure that the operation function properly and for a long period this bringing constant profits.


What is your overall message? What do you expect others to feel and do because of your message? Whats the best method for organizing your message? My overall message is that we should invest more in the workers and not just look in the profits that the project will bring in the near future.

In the beginning the company may face some losses and the management will not take it lightly, but if the project functions better with well trained personnel, then it will be better than rushing. This will also act as a motivating factor to the workers and make them work harder.

The best method for organizing is the problem-solution persuasive pattern.


What information must your presentation include? My presentation must include the importance of sending four more workers to be trained in Germany

My presentation must also include the losses that the company will incur in the event that they send four more workers for training, and in the event that they do not.


How can you build support for your position? What are the benefits to your audience if they take the action you recommend? In the event that my argument is accepted, the company will incur less losses than if the plan goes as planned and this will be to the joy of the corporate management and Mr. Resnick

The workers will also be motivated in the case that my argument is accepted.


What objections can you expect? How can you address or minimize the objections? Some objection that I may face includes, the criteria that would be used to choose the four more workers that will go for the training.

The corporate management will want to know the backup plan incase my argument goes sideways.



To: Mr. Resnick James.

From: Atlanta Plant Manager.

Subject: Increase Number of trained workers.

From the information relayed by the corporate management, the plant is sending four workers to Germany for training on the pragmatic skills for operating the acquired machines. This is considerably fundamental, but based on my critical point of view, the amount of work that will be entitled to these four members of our plant is straining. Supervision and training of the other workers in their teams will not be comprehensively effective, since one person cannot be in control to all operational platforms at the same time.


The problem in this arrangement occurs in the output rejection that the plant will incur if this is not addressed comprehensively. Analysis indicate that in first three weeks, the rejection rate will most likely rise from the normal 2% to 5%. If the delay of launching the project and sending four more workers for training so as to prompt procedural operational framework to the other workers, it will be better but the plant will incur a loss of $50000per week and a total of $150000 for the three weeks cumulatively. If the project goes on as scheduled, the rejection rate for the first four weeks will total to $280000.


My solution is that, taking four more workers for training in a span of three weeks, which will cost the company training cost of $150,000 as compared to cumulative loss of $280,000. Furthermore, investing in the worker will be of greater benefit as they will instill the earned skills to other workers and thus, leading to cumulative increase in returns attributable to plants operational effectiveness.

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