You are to complete the following task in the order given:

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Task A: Carry out user and task analysis. You must have a clear view of the users of this system. Consider that not everyone is comfortable with the technology. For example, you need to deal with user variation such as age or language skills. Perform a user analysis, i.e. characterize the users and identify your potential users. Clearly identify the tasks the potential users perform, and in what order. These are all user interface design considerations that you should take into account.

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Understanding the users (user analysis)

The board games buyers and sellers, card games buyers as well as addicts card players are some of the most difficult customes to target because they are less likely to express thei exoectaiton of drwquirements. It is therefore imoortant to survey the customers to gather information about their desired board and card games as well as determkine what to stock or advertise. The proposed website will therefore be designed to enahce sales and also provide informaitoa about the rpeucts the company has in stocl. The website will provide informaitn about all the board games, puzzles as well as card games that the users can expect to find in a prime board games stock. He company will try to provide detailed product ovierviews includingoverviews of the companys monopoly games, classic hames and any world bestseller gamesw. The website will be desgine in such aa way that it will allow the users to browse through a wide range of best selling b=aord games and card games by osrtign using names, prices, year of production, age bracket of the users and thei gender. The users wil also be able toview the products in grid of roll views. On the websut, there will also be bots and human custo mer care to give the users ideas on board games for people of all age,gender, manufacturers, and category such as New Arrivals, Best Sellers, Board Games, and Strategy Games, role paytinggames, car racing games and other competitive games. The goals of most chidren is just entertainment. The company will therefore stoc k w ide range fo games for bth chidren and adulsts eentrtainment while most chdren are nit exposed to software design, the company aims to stock the mot invigorating games.

Tmsot fth users are more interested in finding the best informaitn faster, without having to overwork and flip through files. Therefore, the company will therfire incude pictures, texts, and arrows to help the users access their desired files faster. A fun and engaging interface will therefore be the target. Most taregetd audiences are youths who would love to save money and time.

Even thiguh they have prior experience choosing and playing games, using online tools and nevigatign a website, they will be offered pop-up messages as and wehen they need.

Th demographics o f he target market market include age age groups, but the rimary target marjet is the male chdren who are into playing card and board games. Secondary target market is the teenage boys and adults males. Most of these childrenare introduced to board games and card games early in their life so their level of experitise cust across all stages from novices(goal and task oriented), advanced beginners ( task oriented), competent players ( complex task orn]iented) and experts ( intreted in comprehensive and consistent mental models). The primary targetd are miably thoe who can understand complex problems and can easily find solution. They are also interested in learngin about new conceoys and can easily intereatc with other players both online and offline

Task analysis: Complete description of tasks, subtasks, and methods for performing task.

Analysis of users tasks users are interested in browsing the available games, their prices, and availability. They can also make deicsio whether to buy or order

Function analysis the website is suporsed to display or showcase the card and board games, their prices, stock level costs, manufacturrs, and shipping charges.

Task-Function allocation the website will have multiple web pages for difere products categories, answers for the frequently asked questions, inforaiot about the company, the companys bsuness blog, videos on how to view and purchas eproduycts safety and securely online, the location of the company, the comoanys customer service contacts, the comoanys shipping ad returns policy as wle as thre paymeht options.

There will be external links to board games association, mind lab as wlel as an externa link to the board games related Expo.

User Goals- the buyers goals is to access the games they desire faster, and the customer care is to provide the customers with adequate information as and when they need the information.

Customer care- there wil be links with ontact details whc the users can call or message when they encounter problems

Work Flow Analysis- users will visist the website, browse the video games by category or manufacturers, check the prices, and click on the call to actin button (ADD TO CART or ORDER NOW). They will be tansfered to another page with the online payment portal where they will make their payment and wait for the games to be shipped to them or they can download the softewares online.

The communication link- the comunicaiton links will located at he bottom left corner and o the left side bar with information on

Job Analysis

Customer / user suport

Frequency: Round the clock

Criticality Very important

Time: 24 hours

Difficulty: Range from Simple- to complex

Division of responsibility: Veryone is tasked with specific duty. Labour is divied and specuializaiton is preferred in the job

Task Lists or Inventory

Diplay products/ inventory

Enable adding to basket/ ordering

Calculate the cost of products and shippmeny

Notify the buyer and supplier of the purchase and update stock automatically

The system will promt user to make an iorder or add to basket. They users will also be prompted using a pop up email to make a payment ot view other products base don theirn purcjae historyInfinix games task sequences/ operational sequence diagram

Task hierarchies

Procedural analysis for the payment gateways

Task B: Propose design and system requirements. Consolidate your findings from your user and task analysis with the given specifications into a design and system requirements. For example, the number of items to display, the screen size, what colours, how many different screens to display etc.

The website will use attractive colours to apela to the customers. Teenagers are more aytacted wot colourfull games. F[rimary colours will be used. The primary colour sinclude red, green and blue

Security- SSL Certificate: website security will be realized by having an SSL certificate that transports the data filesof the accessed website. The ssl certificate include the files hat are transmited tom the browser where the http protocol is activated over the p the prot 443 to enable secure conction between one webserver on one end and the client browsers on the other hand. It secures the crdit csrd trsncitn, the customer login as well as othe rhgh vakue data

A Dedicated IP

The company will need a ddedicsted IP that will help in the identification of the website. The internet address will be unique and exclusive only to the website and will only allow the other uses toaccess the website, access the file transfer portotoco accounts, and also use the SSL certificate. The website can only have a hgher stability, access, and business identity sign the dedicated IP

A high-performance s

The company need higher perofmaces, high vvailbility server system foroptimal uptime. This will also allow the company to add as amny subdoamina, email accounts, databases as well a subdomains. Ths way, the company will drive revejue and growth from on IP address.

Daily backup

The comp any also need a stavble backup system that backs up its data on a daily basiss. The company may alternatively use the cloud system to process payments.

Technical support

The website will have a ticket system for technical support to the customers. Customers with complains or querries will be allowed to intiate aticket communication. The comaony can use predefined CMS provided by wordpress or contact comoanies such as softaculous to install them an sautomatic script for ticketing the tieckt system should allow the users to send images, video, or other files.

Chat utility

The website should have a chat system for easy comnciotn between the buers and the customer support team. The chat wil be located at the right bttom corner.

Task D: Obtain user feedback. Invite 3 4 potential users (e.g. friends, family members, classmates, etc.) to provide you with feedback of your low-fidelity prototype (your storyboard). Carry out the evaluation according to prescribed methods as in Chapter 4 of your textbook (Shneiderman & Plaisant, 2010) or from other scholarly source. Use appropriate survey techniques. Analyse the data you have collected from the user evaluation and refine and improve on your initial design.

The following are tge responses of the three customes who were surveyed.

Lameck Henry solomon abdul

Usability The system should be intereacfitve for both edycarted and uneducated people The sysrem should have adequate graphics to enable easy nevivation The website should have sitew map to aaind in nevigation The system should have l internal an dexternal links to the video games revies to aid in decision making

Secuyrity the system should be backed with a secure SSL system for valouable data securiyt The website shiuld be pci complienta to help in gainbing buyter confidence The system should have asecure log in system that is promonenly placed at the top f the webpage The website needs to provide more information on the websecurity. Adding more security. For exzmple, the should be a trust logo from comoanies such as comodo. This wil help improve the website conversion rate wityhn a possible 256 bit encryption and an additi9onal; point to verify technology

Nevigation The website need to inckdue a site map at the bottom to help the users access specific qweb bapges and information faster The website needs more arrows, and call to action auch as clikc next, buy now, add to cart to enable faster navigation and access The website should have more categoris of games. As at now, the company has ony five categories. The company will have to enable further accsibility to the other products by adding more options. For example, the shoppers shoul, be able to shop by age, gender, and groups. Family games should eb different from single play games. The website needs to add more strategy games

deals The company shold add a tab for a did erange of games. For example, bestsellers, new in stock and custom erfavourites The company needs to cosnder hacvign an additional customer account for easy movemeht of goods to cart. For example, the new deals should nbe displayed tom the customers on the home page New games should be prominentlky placed on the front page.the customers hould be able to view the products by age,card, party, and all the games cartegory such pouzzles, toys, and cards Fea=tured games shiuld be displayed first to the customers. This will help drive the sales of the favourite games. All the fuearured games will be pushed to the front page to enable faster conersion

Task C: Develop a low-fidelity prototype using Storyboard (a minimum of 4 screens). Based on the above requirements, develop a preliminary design of the web user interface. At this stage, the prototype is basically a medium to support your initial concept and ideas. For example, the prototype should show where th...

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