Business Essay Sample: Building Relationship through Communication

Published: 2019-09-06
Business Essay Sample: Building Relationship through Communication
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A relationship is facilitated through a connection of shared culture, mission, goals, and trust of the business. Through written communication, various stakeholders in a business setup are engaging in the process of constructing mutual relationships at a personal, departmental, and organizational levels. Business should are constantly engage in formal and informal communication processes that build relationships. Both the upward and downward communication structures within the organization should be formulated to establish common goals and objectives. Relationships are effective when they are built on effective communication.

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Lasting relationships connects and engages stakeholders through effective written communication. Communication establishes permanent goals and shared experiences amongst various stakeholders in the business. Written communication, for instance, facilitates the creation of goals, visions, values and the organizational culture, which are shared to all the stakeholders in the business. The written goals and objectives are permanent, can be archived, and cannot be manipulated by individuals. Communication therefore creates a platform for the establishment and sharing of the organizations objectives and goals. This builds trusts and makes the stakeholders to be powerfully connected.

Communication enables various stakeholders to engage in building a common organizational experience. The commonness in the vision and mission of the organization are communicated and shared through forums in communication. The management should encourage both upward and downward communication, which allows the business to engage both the employees and the customers on desired values. The common experience achieved facilitates the further creation of organizational culture for long-run success. Communication facilitates collaboration and sharing of common experiences in the business and to build long-lasting relationships.

Effective organizational communication builds trust and loyalty amongst the stakeholders. Communication facilitates relationship with key stakeholders in the organization. The effective relationship created through communication helps in nurturing mutual loyalty and building a permanent trust in the organization. The trust enables both the organization and the stakeholders to work towards achieving the common goals in the organization. The loyalty and trust are critical attributes in a common that gives it a competitive advantage over its peers, and is nurtured through communication.

Communication connects people in the organization to the goals, visions and the shared culture. Through communication the employees are positively engaged in achieving both personal and organizational goals. Communication enables various stakeholders in an organization to collaborate to build a common and binding experience. This leads to the creation of organizational culture, based on effective, reliable, permanent, and flexible communication. Businesses require these attributes for the log-term success, which must be nurtured and shared.

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