Work Diversity in the Workplace - Free Essay

Published: 2023-09-28
Work Diversity in the Workplace - Free Essay
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Work diversity in the workplace refers to the ability of the organization or the company to employ workers from different countries, races, ethnic groups, and genders (ALISON M. KONRAD, 2017). People all over the world have different abilities, ideas, capabilities, behaviors, and perspectives. Diversifying the employees in a company will help the company grow in business. It encourages teamwork, appreciation, and harmony among the employees.

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Define the business problem.

The organization faces challenges in recruiting employees from a diverse environment because of the policies or physical location of the company. It is a big challenge for the organization to create a friendly and productive work environment that would accommodate the interests of the employees without them feeling judged or judging others.

Importance of workplace diversity

The importance of this problem is that it helps the organization to create policies and strategies that will accommodate the inclusive and equal recruitment of employees from diverse environments. Diversifying the workplace helps the organization to expand their business and market because of the contribution of different ideas from the employees. Many organizations with diversified workplaces are seen to have performed tremendously in the industry as compared to other companies.

Impacts of not having a diverse workplace

One of the impacts of lack of workplace diversity is the issues of discrimination among the employees ("Problems in the workplace from lack of diversity," n.d.). When this happens, the employee affected will feel alone and will not have the confidence to report the issue to the responsible department.

In the workplace where there is no work diversity, the affected employees are likely to lack connection with mentors in their careers within the company ("Problems in the workplace from lack of diversity," n.d.). It will cost the company their profits and the career growth of the employee.

The employees will create from groups within the workplace. When there is a lack of workplace diversity and discrimination dominates the environment, the workers will likely form small groups according to their similarities, thus leading to unhealthy relationships.

Lack of diversity in the workplace cause mental health problem among the workers: The discrimination and lack of freedom at the place to affect the victim's way of thinking and reaction. The affected individual will always be trying to work freely, thus lead to mental health problems, including depression.

Possible Solutions and the Importance

Communication in workplaces helps solve problems that arise within the employees. The employees should be free to communicate with their colleges' and be able to report and issue to their leaders. The organization, therefore, must come up with an open platform that allows the employees to forward their complaints.

The organization should not be inclusive when dealing with employees. It should treat every employee individually, not by the culture, gender, or any feature that pins them to where come from ("Managing diversity in the workplace," 2020).

Train the managers and all those in leadership on the benefits of having diversity in workplaces. In any given organization, the relation tha the managers will have with their employees is crucial. Some workers resign from jobs because they couldn't deal with their difficult managers. The manager should try to build a good relationship with the workers to improve working behavior. Raining the managers, therefore, will help them understand how important it is to lead a group of people from diverse environments. The training will help them understand their workers and come up with a strategy to build good relationships among and with the workers.

Mentoring workers is essential in any organization. The mentorship program will boost the employee's careers and avoid redundancy. It will give them new skills and ideas of doing business, thus promoting their energy t work. The organization, therefore, should introduce mentorship programs and ensure every worker benefited from it regardless of who they are.

The organization should be accommodating to all its workers. Diversity in the workplace means there are people from different cultures, gender, beliefs, so the organization should try to accommodate the employees by considering their needs, for example, prayer times, dressing codes, religious holidays, and also needs for people with disabilities.

Recommendations and their importance

The organization should include those individuals or managers who can understand and solve issues in the workplace. The manager or those responsible should in a position to listen and under employees instead of judging them further.

Create a culture of open and transparent communication among the workers. The management must give their employees a chance to participate in decision making meetings to give their views without being isolated. The workers should be given feedbacks, informed on the current changes in the organization. The tradition of communication will build trust among the workers and the organization, therefore, improving workflows and creating harmony within the organization

Conduct research on what works best for the workers to be satisfied with their work environment. Use the finding to create a working environment that is inclusive and accommodating to the workers.


Every organization should prioritize workplace diversity. The economy is changing every day due to the advancement in technology, and it is, therefore, becoming global, people in the world advance with technology, making the workforce diverse. It is the responsibility of any organization to focus on business and their workers and start to overlook uncontrolled traits among their employees. Companies need to develop strategies on employing workers from different cultures, beliefs, gender, and all other traits to create the right workplace that will boost the business profits.


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