How My Extracurricular Activity Has Shaped Me, Free Essay Sample

Published: 2022-03-11
How My Extracurricular Activity Has Shaped Me, Free Essay Sample
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Extracurricular activities are some of the most crucial activities that add a lot of value to an individual's life. In essence, extracurricular activities provide the best environment where the excitement of sport and learning meet. There are so many benefits that come with engaging in extracurricular activities. Growing up, I have loved new technology. I looked to understand how and why things work the way they do. As a result, I have been an active member of the Robotics Club for the past few years. Robotics is one activity that I have great passion in. It has transformed my life in several ways and looking back; I don't have any regrets being a member of the Robotics Club.

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Robotics club has sharpened my creativity, boosted my problem-solving skills and improved my reaction time. Being a member of this club means you always have to come up with new ways of solving problems. The club involved engineering robots that could overcome various obstacles. This was no easy task when I joined the club. Making many mistakes was a part of the activity, and this allowed us to learn and combat errors more intelligently the next time. We were given a limited period to complete complex tasks and this improved our critical thinking skills and speeds. The quicker we made decisions, the faster we progressed. Today, I do things relatively quickly and efficiently than when I joined the Robotics Cub.

My leadership skills have been greatly transformed. Before I became a member of the Robotics Club, I never knew that I could lead anybody, let alone being a team leader. When I first joined the club, it was at its roots and needed help growing. I decided to take on this challenge and help it grow. I became one of the head members and got many other students involved. Later, as a team, we achieved the rookie of the year award at our First Robotics organization competition. Looking back, I feel I helped the club grow into something much bigger. Having this sense of fulfillment has given me confidence that I can achieve bigger things in life. I, therefore, a more aggressive and robust person seeking to transform myself into a more useful person to the society.

The Robotics Club has no doubt improved my workforce skills. For example, the activities we engaged in needed constant communication with team members. We had to consult and put our heads together in solving problems. And as a result, my communication skills have tremendously improved. I have also made gains in conflict resolution. Differences among team members were always unavoidable, and we had to deal with them. Also, we perfected our time management skills. We had to work within the deadline and meet at specific times to complete our tasks. This meant we always had to keep time. Today, I value time keeping more than I did before.

Above all, this extracurricular activity has made me discover my passion in robotics, and this has kept me looking for opportunities to pick a major in robotics as a career. I would probably join one of the engineering courses that will help me further my skills. I have a clearer picture of the career I would like to do than I did before I joined the Robotics Club. This club has made life very easy for me, and I don't have any regrets ever being a member as far as my life is concerned.

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