Free Essay Example. Golf Talent

Published: 2023-03-22
Free Essay Example. Golf Talent
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The saying and imagination that golf is more than a game might be a cliche, but to me, golf is more than a game. It has offered me incredible experiences and taught me numerous life skills that I would not have imagined having an interest in or knowing. When I attempted to zero in on a way the game has changed my life, my father's relationship, who is always my hero, and I, was developed through golf. A few years ago, my father had a fatal accident and I thought I would never see him. He stayed in intensive care for more than a year. He raised me as a single father and was the only relative I knew and relied on my entire life. I felt that all my dreams were shattered as I had completely lost hope in life. In as much as he had my education insurance, his presence mattered more to me than education. The only option that I was left with was to drop out of school to look for alternative ways of survival. Without any doubt, it was difficult to overcome the situation as a young boy. My life changed completely and the stubborn and troublesome me changed to be humble.

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Nature was shaping my character and evil doings as I knew I had to make my future brighter. At one point when I was devasted in school, my closest friend, Damian, asked me why I had stopped playing golf yet I was among the best players. I had no answers to his questions as all that crossed my mind was my father who was in a coma. He convinced me to have faith and focus more on golf as it would at least keep me busy and stress-free. I eventually agreed to Damian's idea and continued with my golf training sessions. I thought my colleagues would reject me after knowing my situation but my thoughts were wrong. Every person was friendly; some sympathized while others accepted my situation and assumed that everything was okay. My game grew and I started taking it more seriously as we traveled to various tournaments. However, I would spare some time to visit my father in the intensive care unit. I had a notebook in which I would write to him about how my days had been and leave the notebook beside his bed after praying to God to heal him.

At one point, we had a tournament and would spend more time practicing to defeat the American national golf team. Our team members were nervous on that day because in case we won, we would all receive a scholarship to the universities we wished to have joined. We played against the American national golf team and they defeated us by more than ten points. We had expected the results though as we knew that defeating them was close to impossible. I kept thinking about my father as I had not visited him for more than a month because the tournament was held in a faraway state. While the final results were being announced, we were never interested as we had lost the game as well as the scholarships. However, the day changed my life as the last announcement was directed to me. I was awarded the best young golf player of the year as well as a golf scholarship to Florida A&M University.

I could not wait to return to our state to visit my father and share with him my experience and success, even though I did not know whether he would listen to me or not. We eventually returned home and the first thing I thought of was visiting my sick father to check on his health. He was never in the ICU, neither were my written notes. When I asked one medical personnel in the hospital where my father was, she shook her head and whispered that the medical bill was too much and my father was never responding to treatment, so he had to be transferred. I felt feeble and tears rolled down my cheeks. I knew dad had not made it and all my efforts had been futile. However, when I turned my back to return home, a surgeon held my hand strongly and led me to another room. I had lost hope but when I entered the room, the American national golf team, as well as my school team, shouted surprise which never cheered me up. All I wanted was to see my father again. Suddenly, someone tapped my back from behind and when I turned, it was dad in a wheelchair. I cried out loud to God for having answered my prayers while thanking the American national golf club for paying the hospital bill.

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