Essay Sample: Without Ratification, Women's Rights in The Workforce

Published: 2022-09-09
Essay Sample: Without Ratification, Women's Rights in The Workforce
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The topic of equality between men and women in the fields has been a topic of discussion for a long time. Despite the endless efforts by various movements to ensure equality of rights, women are yet to be treated as equals to men. More so the issue of disparity in the income rate between men and women have gone unanswered for a long period. "The reporting on unemployment rates and the income gap between men and become hot women topics for pundits and politicians to discuss (People prime manual book 42)." The real question here is on what might be hindering salary equality despite having equal numbers of men and women in the labor force.

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Motherhood is one of the greatest factors that contribute to wage inequality between men and women. According to Aly (7), the interval at which women attend and leave workplaces is often higher when compared to that of men. Therefore, it is believed that men will work more and harder thus a higher pay. Work is classified on the standards of gender that favor men since men are the basis of work standards. Most the organizations prefer the long working hours and do not give employees the chance to have flexible schedules. This factor is a disadvantage to the women with children since they have to be out of the workplace for a long time.

The media do not know the right method that they can use to fight for the rights of women and more the wage inequality. When there is a complaint about discrimination, the matter has to be heard in a court of law or pass through the legal justice system. The primary challenge here is that most of the employees in the legal justice system are men and it would take compelling reasons for women to win such cases. "She offers a unique perspective on a majority-white male bench in the Supreme Court, a perspective that is deeply necessary (People prime manual book 82)."

The other reason that causes the existence of the pay gap between men and women is allocation into business and industry fields. Most women work in business fields that pay less such as care and education sectors whereas most employees in the high paying fields such as manufacturing are men. One of the interesting things is that the labor of women is believed to be of lesser value compared to man and hence the compensation rate is lower as well. The most disturbing thing is that the salaries of the industries that changed from being dominated by men to men dropped and the ones that changed from being dominated by females to men increased.

Both genders have different powers to negotiate and influence policies to favor them. "Of course, Black women enter and depart the anti-violence movement at different historical moments" (People prime manual book 49). This shows that women are not persistent and do not have enough power to negotiate for a pay rise in their workplaces. Women are not confident. Therefore, they have the fear to demand increment in their salaries. On the other hand, men have higher self-esteem and have the confidence to negotiate for the increase to their wages (Albrecht). However, male and females are handled differently when it comes to business.


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