Why I Want to Be an Army Aviator. Essay Example

Published: 2023-08-10
Why I Want to Be an Army Aviator. Essay Example
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My aspirations are to be an army aviator since I have been having a passion for aviation throughout my learning life. Basically, I have all that is needed to offer to the army as well as in the medical field and I am able to maximize my potential by bringing the knowledge and skills into success. I have got all the qualifications in terms of the educational standards and work experience that are required in the army aviation career. The following are my educational qualifications and work experiences that I have ever participated in to improve my skills toward the attainment of the army aviation career.

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Earn the Lift Evacuation Coordinator role by exuberating leadership, dependability, and professionalism. Foster growth and success by developing the team’s proficiency with technical and rope rescue skills whilst providing high-level risk management.


  • 2010-2015- Western State University, Gunnison, CO
  • Major: Recreation and Outdoor Education; Emphasis in
  • Outdoor Leadership
  • Minor: Sociology
  • Specialized work experience from 2017-present
  • Advanced Ski Patroller, Aspen Highlands, Aspen, CO
  • Awarded “Highlands Rookie of the Year” due to work ethic and outstanding performance.
  • Provided a premier level of medical assistance and first aid.
  • Ensured all documentation of accidents, medical care given, witness statements and collision reports were properly documented and filed.
  • Utilized situational awareness to evaluate potential risks to the public.
  • Volunteered to facilitate both mountain set-up and break-down procedures while adhering to the Colorado Skier Safety Act.
  • Assisted in avalanche risk reduction and mitigation performances.
  • Maintained order, organization, and excellent group management while working with large groups in avalanche terrain.
  • Used professional, clear, concise, and relevant radio communications protocols.
  • Ensured all medical and rescue equipment was in appropriate locations and in working order multiple times daily.
  • Participated in by-weekly avalanche rescue training clinics.
  • Attended and assisted in the facilitation of multiple lift rescue training throughout the course of the winter season.
  • Recertified and remained current with nationally and industry-recognized medical certificates and first responder skills.
  • Maintained mountain safety and upkeep by consistently checking current trail openings and closures, signage, banners, ropes, and lift tower pads.sEnsured all guests and public were safely off the mountain by navigating through terrain and all areas within the ski area boundary, looking for lost or injured skiers, communicating with fellow colleagues, and adhering to protocol.
  • Upheld work ethic, proficiency, safety, and health while operating in harsh weather conditions.
  • Lead Guide & Rescue Technician, The Lost Forest, Snowmass, CO

2018 - Present

  • • Facilitated staff-wide training programs.
  • • Exuberated excellent customer service skills to ensure client retention.
  • • Provided direction, knowledge, information, and suggestions to clients in order to provide the highest quality guest experience.
  • • Maintained daily equipment, gear, and course inspection logs.
  • • Communicated with clients the inherent risks of the activities, physical requirements, objectives of the day and individual responsibilities.
  • • Provided polite and honest feedback to clients on how to develop skills and competency within different activities
  • • Increased guest satisfaction by providing and maintaining a consistently safe and reliable work environment.
  • • Developed proficiency in complicated, high-angle and high-risk rescue scenarios.
  • • Chosen among few to assist in the complete set-up and tear-down procedures.
  • • Accumulated a total of over 500 guiding hours.
  • Attended professional development and advanced training courses.


  1. Expiration Date: Certification field
  2. 05/01/2019: National Ski Patrol - Outdoor Emergency Care & B.L.S.
  3. 03/05/2019: W.F.R. (NOLS/WMI), Western State Colorado University, Gunnison, CO.
  4. 06/03/2020: Level 2 Challenge Course Practitioner – High Angle Rescue
  5. Non-Expiring Certifications:
  6. AMGA Single Pitch Instructor Course Participant, Aspen Expeditions, Aspen, CO.
  7. AIARE Level 1 & 2 Avalanche Certification, Irwin Guides, Crested Butte, CO.
  8. 24-Day Ski Mountaineering Guide Training Certificate, Alaska Mountain Guides, Haines, AK.
  9. “Growing Up Wild” Teaching Certificate, Colorado Parks & Wildlife, Gunnison, CO.
  10. Incident Command System 100, 200, & 700, W.S.C.U.M.R.T. Gunnison, CO


Mac Smith-Patrol Director, Aspen Highlands Ski Patrol, Aspen,CO (970-544-3050)

Erin Hutchings- Director of Operations, Aspen Recreation Center, Aspen,CO (413-348-5975)

Todd Reeves - Buddy Program Guide Manager, Aspen, CO


Mark Falander - IFMGA Certified Guide & Paramedic, Snowmass Ski Patrol (970-366-1978)

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