Free Essay: Unique Skills and Experiences to Become a Human Resource Consultant

Published: 2022-12-20
Free Essay: Unique Skills and Experiences to Become a Human Resource Consultant
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Section I: Unique Skills and Experiences

My career goal is to become a Human Resource Consultant. I have a natural ability to interact and relate with people. This internal gift has been evident since I was a child as I loved assigning my siblings duties in the house and evaluating how they did their jobs. My ability to relate with people has made me help my friends and close relatives to identify their strengths and weaknesses, and also design a plan to achieve both their short-term and long-term goals. Therefore, working as a human resource consultant will be the most natural thing for me to do since I can easily package an individual to face their challenges and also align people's skills with their knowledge and abilities. I am currently preparing myself to venture in the marketplace by seeking part-time job opportunities which can allow me to work while I am a student. I admit being a student and working part-time is tedious, but I have undertaken this chance to view it as an opportunity to prepare and position myself in the market by my organizational and time management skills which will be relevant when I will be actively searching for a full-time job after I complete my studies. For instance, I am expected to attend all classes on time and report to my workstation at the stipulated time, and deliver my services in the capacity I serve as an HR assistant. I also have to manage my time such that I revise and study when I get home after having a long day at school and at my workplace. My internal self-drive and motivation push me to work towards my goals. This is because I know what I want to achieve both in the short term and in the long term. My personal commitment to my goals will determine the success I will enjoy once I start working as a consultant. My short-term goal for now is work as a HR assistant so that I can garner experience and position my brand in the industry.

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I am currently securing relevant and unique skills and experiences toward my career goals by holding a part-time job. Working part-time has exposed me to different working environments, allowing me to interact with people from diverse backgrounds, all who are academically qualified in unique ways. I have learned how to make objective decisions as a human resource assistant when conducting interviews as it allows a panel to pick the best candidate for an advertised position. I am currently working in a construction company that supplies building materials to residential and commercial clients. As a HR assistant, I have had a chance to sit in different interview sessions where potential candidates were interested in joining our firm. It is during interview sessions that I have learned how an individual package he or she is the main selling point when it comes to securing a job. Academic qualification is important, but the ability to deliver and convince the HR team that one is the best candidate influences the decisions of the interviewers.

I have also registered in an online platform that allows me to virtually interact with HR professionals, some of which have vast experience in the industry, and are willing and able to share the knowledge, insights, and ideas to young and upcoming consultants. It is through this platform that I have learned that what is taught in the classroom is not enough for an individual that wants to ace and create a name in the HR industry. There are questions and answers sessions that allow us to pose challenges we face in our current positions and solutions are presented on the best way to handle the issues. I have learned that working as a HR professional will necessitate me to be an all-round person that perceives every person as having potential. Assessing the potential and willingness of a person to grow is important as it positions them in light of their academic qualifications. Another important lesson I have learned through my online participation is that reading other subjects unrelated to the HR profession is paramount for a consultant since it expands the thinking horizon. It creates a channel to connect to other fields, all which are acuminated in the working place. For instance, I am currently reading about public relations, and the role it plays in organizations.

In a bid to separate myself from others entering the marketplace, I have birthed the idea of forming a motivational group where myself and other like-minded individuals can meet and share strategies that will be relevant in our academic journey. My plan is to introduce this ideology to my classmates and close friends, as it will bring students from different academic years together to share their knowledge and expertise. It is going to be an opportunity where each person will learn from another, since no single individual has fully mastered the HR art. All the information shared amongst use will be used to make decisions as students and as professionals in the future.

Investing in opportunities that will make me gain skills is paramount in my academic journey. For instance, I have attended a seminar in another state that brought together HR consultants that have built a name for themselves in the market. It is at this meeting I interacted with a veteran in the HR industry and requested him to become a mentor. I have since registered for a mentorship program and take classes online, with physical meetings scheduled twice every three months. My mentor has worked as a consultant for more than two decades and has enabled thousands of people to secure jobs through revamping their resumes, training them for interviews, and giving career advice. My mentor has always made me understand that employment opportunities are available in the market, but there is a gap between the skills potential candidates possess and their willingness to learn.

I believe that diversifying my knowledge and skills while as a student will be beneficial to me in the long term. This is how I am setting myself apart in the industry and positioning myself as a better candidate than my colleagues. After graduating, we will all enter the marketplace, and since we all have similar academic qualifications, potential employers will need to choose who makes the best candidate based on the additional skills that one possesses. In the current competitive market, candidates are expected to use their critical and creative thinking skills to position themselves as better and more reliable in the industry. I have a strong belief that preparing myself at this early and formational stage as a student will curve a way for my career goals. The skills I gain right now will be relevant in my position as an independent HR consultant.

Section II: Creating a 'Buzz" in the Marketplace

Branding is one of the strategies used in the marketplace that sets apart a product or service as unique from the competitors. It enables potential and existing clients to identify a specific brand and seek satisfaction from that particular commodity despite the constant messages from competitors to avail of substitutes. As an HR consultant, branding myself in the industry will directly affect the number of clients that will rely on my services as well as the success I will enjoy in the market. My plan is to work in different work environments as a student and gain relevant exposure that will make it easy for me to secure a job immediately I graduate. I also plan to work as an employee as a human resource manager for a period of about five to seven years, and then establish my firm as a consultant.

One of the strategies I will use to create a buzz in the marketplace about my personal brand is by offering free services for the first three months. This will be an opportunity to attract the attention of clients, some of whom are established organizations that need employees to fill certain positions in their workplace. My exposure as a student working part-time will equip me with relevant knowledge and skills that will be applied after I set up my firm. Additionally, when employed as a HRM, I will use the opportunity to work efficiently, allowing my professionalism to create a name for itself in the industry. Hence, once I open my HR firm, I will have created a name for myself in the industry from my previous workplaces, making it easy for organizations to require my services. My offer of giving free services in the first three months will be a mode of communication to the existing clients that I will be working independently and that they can give me business. The justification for using this approach is that most of my clients will have known about my professionalism through the companies that will be working with immediately I complete my studies, and they will need to know that I will be a consultant for all their needs. After the first three months offer elapses, I will start charging a subsidized price compared to my competitors. This is because as a new consultant entering a market that comprises of other established organizations, I will need a strategy that will bring new and regular clients.

Another strategy I will use to create a buzz in the market will be through engaging in a corporate social responsibility (CSR) act the first few months I establish my consultancy firm. CSR activities are aimed at giving back to the community by addressing the social and environmental needs of the society in which an organization operates. My new company will need to advertise itself in the market, and engaging in a CSR will be an added advantage for my consultancy firm. This is because I will publicize my brand through the event of taking care of the social needs, and will also help solve needs of the society through my humanitarian acts. I will advertise the CSR in mainstream media and invite interested sponsors to partner with me as I give back to the community. Sponsors will comprise of companies, most of which have needs that my HR firm will solve. It is during these events that I will introduce my firm to the market. The justification for using the CSR events in advertising my brand is that during these activities, both the community and organizations engaged in the acts benefit directly and indirectly. A community is supported, while a firm has a free marketing event that brings customers both in the short-term and in the long-term. I will ensure that my HR firm engages in CSR events every year as an appreciation to the society in supporting my brand.

I will make use of social media and develop a technology network to create a buzz in the marketplace about my personal brand. Social media is one of the best channels that new and existing firms can use to reach their targeted market as it provides an opportunity for organizations to interact with potential clients. I will create a social media account in Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and will ensure that all my pages are active. Questions asked through this platform will be answered within the shortest time possible, implying that my firm is in touch with the needs of its clients. Additionally, customer testimonials will be posted on these social media channels so that potential clients can see the quality of services my firm offers, and they might be interested in using us for their future considerations. Public events like CSR activities will be shown live on our social media pages, sending a message to our fan base that the firm is not only concerned about making profits, but about the welfare of our surroundings and the clients as well who are part of the society.

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