Paper Example With Questions on Enterprise Architecture (EA)

Published: 2023-01-26
Paper Example With Questions on Enterprise Architecture (EA)
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Question One

The Enterprise Architecture (EA), also known as city planning, refers to the control and planning for the construction, growth, and development of urban centers and other towns. The responsibilities undertaken by the Enterprise Architectures are similar ones that are covered under Urban Planning. Therefore I agree with the fact that the role taken by the Enterprise Architecture is the same as the work of Urban Planner. In other words, the EA is covered under Urban Planning, which incorporates various elements or activities in planning and designing urban areas as well as the upcoming metropolitan areas or towns.

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Question Two

Through consideration of digital transformation, the changing processes, the technologies, and even the organizational structures involving the Enterprise Architectures in an attempt to govern similar changes seem to be like a no brainer. In other words, most of the businesses have not even engaged in the processes of adopting the EA to the extent of managing the digital transformation. The success of the Enterprise Architectures does not solely depend on the technology but in some cases; it requires the conventional approaches or practices for one to achieve the needed success.

Question Three

The four types of architectures covered in the scope of EA include the Gartner, the Federal Enterprise Architectural Framework, The Zachman Framework, and The Open Group Architectural Framework. The most basic framework out of the four EA frameworks is the Gartner, which is flexible and able to adapt to any given environment. The above structure is, therefore, suitable for any form of architectural work with the changing processes or elements. In other words, it continuously adapts to changing environments.

Question Four

In most cases, the EA can be considered as a science and as an art. It can be regarded as a science because it involves the incorporation of the changing technologies in different processes. Additionally, it incorporates different scientific concepts that are in line with modern technologies. EA, in itself, is a scientific approach that involves the tested and verifiable ideas that can be employed in the planning processes. On the other hand, EA is considered an Art because entails diverse human processes and creativities that aims at enhancing the planning processes.

Question Five

Some of the potential values of the EA include enhancement of the business processes through the problems solving processes as well as the simplification of different architectural processes; the above process thus makes it easier for planners to adopt different operational processes. EA focuses on the delivery; in other words, it often ensures efficiency, effectiveness, durability, and agility. Going by the features of EA, I agree that it improves the efficiency, durability as well as the agility, therefore, ensuring the effective delivery.

Question Six

The same documentation technique is essential for both the future and current view of the EA component because, in doing so, it is possible and even easier to authenticate different processes that are involved. The same documentation techniques also enable comparisons to be made and any adjustment to the system to be conducted successfully. The current documentation is the collection of artifacts that can be used to predict future processes.

Question Seven

One of the man consideration that needs to be made while developing the EA Tool Evaluation Matrix efficiency in the result. There is also the need to identify and involves EA stakeholders. One should thus be able to understand the stakeholders. Finally, choosing the operating model is one factor that needs to be considered. Some examples of EA tools that are currently available are Gragon1, PowerPoint, and Vision.

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