Essay Sample on Health Care Insurance Plan: Medicare for All

Published: 2023-02-28
Essay Sample on Health Care Insurance Plan: Medicare for All
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Medicare for all is a single-payer state health care insurance plan. The plan was first introduced in the year 2003 with John Congers as the representative and others. What single-payer means is that all the U.S residents' medical services that include doctors, hospitals, reproductive health care, mental health, preventive, dental, prescription drugs, long-term care, and medical supply costs will be covered. Medicare for all will replace private insurance, which will guarantee every American afford health care as a human right. Am going to talk about here is the Medicare for all plan and why it is essential that we all go for it.

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According to (the Medicare for all act 2019), the U.S today has the furthermost costly, incompetent, and civil service healthcare structure in the world. The United States is very developed with 34 million citizens who are not insured, and even more, are those underinsured. Citizens are spending more than twice as much for each on well-being care as the middling developed country. Almost half of the Americans are worried that a significant illness could frisk them sick, some refused to go for medical care they needed because they could not afford it. We are concerned about the health rising costs that will eventually cause substantial and long-term loss to our economy.

The existing health care system focuses more on making profits more than the people's well-being. Health insurance companies are making drastic profits while thousands of citizens are dying each day because they couldn't get the health care they needed desperately. Some families are facing bankruptcy due to the shockingly extraordinary health care costs - the U.S persons with private insurance delay looking for medical attention each year because of the cost. Today, most Americans can't afford the prescriptions the doctors give them because the prices are very high (Anderson, 2009).

Medicare for all is going to be a solution to these issues we are experiencing right now. All the bills will be moved from the current multi-payer healthcare system to the new single-payer system. Under this system, we will have one distinct entity, which is the federal government that will pay for health care. The new system will largely eliminate the role of employer and the private health insurance companies from providing for health care. The existing Medicare program will not completely vanish; it will be extended to cover all the people and will have added benefits that Medicare has not covered currently.

Through the Medicare system, the country will have only one insurance network, which will allow you to keep your doctor. The system includes a private pay option that will enable patients and providers to choose their mode of payment they would want to use for healthcare. Private health care insurance will not be available, and it will not be accepted too. This will lead to a significant increase in the number of those that are not currently able to afford healthcare on the existing system. Preexisting health conditions will still be covered. Examples of such conditions consist of diabetes, cancer, and asthma.

This new insurance will not restrict anyone from visiting whichever doctor or hospital they wish to because all the health care providers and individuals all use one system. The problem that exists with private healthcare insurance restrictions will now be solved. In case an individual has an issue with services or a particular provider in health care, he will be free to move to another facility, unlike in the private system where one would worry about not being refunded their money since they quit.

There is a high chance that the expensive costs will be reduced from the current. Since the health care providers are no longer receiving the payments directly, but through the one system, it will limit an individual from overcharging with the fear he will be answerable later. Healthcare services will improve as a result of Medicare. Health care providers will be forced to focus more on the healthcare of the citizens rather than the profits because now they will not be as high as they used to be (Woolhandler & Himmelstein, 2019).

The centralized government will fund Medicare for All with money that will be collected from the taxes. Some people will think that this is awful since the charges still come from the citizens, but it is not. The people will not be paying for premiums. With Medicare for All, some of the money the citizens are paying for healthcare insurance will be shifted to taxes. This means that the cost is actually reduced because now you will be paying less than you used to pay for healthcare. Doctors will gain sovereignty above patient care.

All American citizens should consider this program because it is beneficial to both the citizens' well-being and finances, also to the country's economy. The system should be implemented as soon as possible. It will bring equity to the citizens.


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