Essay Sample: Why Gay Marriage Is a Good Thing

Published: 2019-09-24
Essay Sample: Why Gay Marriage Is a Good Thing
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Gay marriage is should not be criticized as long as gay people are freely expressing their feelings towards members of the same sex. For gay marriage to become a good thing, it has to be morally accepted by the society. Therefore, I believe that the acceptance of gay marriage depends on the societys beliefs. Nevertheless, in several countries today, gay marriage has been made an unlawful matter due to the traditions of the countrys men or maybe due to the decisions of those in authority. Nonetheless, the overall impact of gay marriages has proven to create a sort of freedom for people to express their sexuality. This paper provides a researched opinion on why gay marriage might be a good thing.

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In America, the struggle for marriage equality was ripe from the start of the twenty-first century. After a long struggle, gay people succeeded in obtaining access to marriage. While gay people were actively requesting for their civil rights, they were not able to say that gay marriage is good because they argued based on their right to marry. The result of legalizing gay marriage in America has proven that we are indeed the free world. The use of adjectives expressing sexual identity to pre-modify relationship and couple might also hint at same-sex relationships being regarded differently from heterosexual ones (Bachmann, Ingo, 98).The action did, however; prove that we could still progress wonderfully despite worldwide criticism. In fact, the societys system of co-existence has since improved in a great manner. Initially many individuals who were gay were afraid of revealing their true sexuality because they feared the wrath of their friends and family. Many individuals can today attest to the fact that they could not have fulfilling relationships because they feared that their partners were not attracted to opposite sex. Much more were forced to run away from their homes or worse; they had to be disowned by their parents because they expressed their sexual preference ( Chamie, Joseph, and Mirkin, 541). With the legalization of gay marriage, however, such matters were put to rest because the leader of the free world amongst other leaders granted gay individuals with a sense of direction. Also, they actively neutralized the thoughts of most critics so that they could co-exist in harmony with the gay people.

The church has also been actively involved in the decisions associated with legalizing gay marriage (Sheff, Elisabeth, 500). The religious books evidently condemn gay marriage by comparing the actions of gay individuals with some of the darkest practices in the Bible, which God punished. Religion has, however, also been the choice of churchgoers such that one can choose which religion they think fully meets their expectations. Gay marriage has excelled in this sector since it has been able to highlight just how free one should be when choosing their religious beliefs. The same fundamental values of personal liberty that support an individuals right to follow and fulfill his or her essential identity, including sexual identity and same-sex relationships, also support an individuals right to live according to his or her religious convictions (Wilson, Fretwell, 256). Since many religions condemn gay marriages, gay individuals have been able to choose the religion that will accommodate them indiscriminately. As a result, some of the common religions have been forced to accept gay people in their congregation. A decision that has been highly driven by the public. Also, the existence of gay patriarchs can be greatly attributed to the legalization of gay marriage. Were it not for the bold actions of a few world leaders, the actions of these spiritual leaders would never have been questioned (Wight, Richard, LeBlanc, and Badgett, 342). With gay marriage, many of these spiritual leaders have been able to come forth about their sexuality and as a result, the innocence of small boys who are normally used by these gay patriarchs has been saved.

Gay marriage is a good example of an initiative taken to avoid discrimination of the marginalized. Were it not for the initiatives of some world leaders, the world would be experiencing another era of human segregation. As long as more and more people continued to express their sexuality, the struggles and demonstrations would have escalated to greater heights that would have been unavoidable (Dyck, Joshua, and Shanna, 1). We would be talking about the unfortunate deaths of individuals who voiced their sexuality and only the mighty know for how long such struggles would have lasted before someone decided that it was not worth it (Hackl, Andrea M., Boyer, and Galupo, 519). Gay marriage has provided an avenue through which gay individuals can publicly voice their feelings without fear. We do not want to discriminate against anyone else not sisters, brothers, uncles, nephews, stepsons or grandfathers, grandsons or gay people. We want to discriminate for the building block that is marriage (NeJaime, Douglas, 230). Without it, gay individuals would still be looking out for their lives even though the gay criticism was made illegal. Nonetheless, the worlds social welfare has always been based on making someone else worse off. As a result, many gay individuals are still suffering the wrath of their societys lack of acceptance of gay rights. In some countries, individuals who dare to publicly disclose their sexuality have even been lined for execution. Therefore, while others enjoy the benefits of gay marriage, others are experiencing its dire consequences.

As long as man exists, humankind should be ready to encounter behaviors that are even more mysterious. The decision to accept or do away with them will still depend on the level of development and civil democracy entertained by society. Gay marriage is just an example of how democracy serves the people.

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