Free Essay. Hero Personality and Temperament Traits

Published: 2023-03-21
Free Essay. Hero Personality and Temperament Traits
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Typical temperance characteristics play a vital role in tailoring one toward the desired career choice. This paper identifies the temperance hero personality trait suitable to an individual and how they relate to a person's career choice. My identified values are independence, loyalty, friendliness, support of others, and future-oriented. My skills and abilities range from time management, being supportive, conflict resolution, decisiveness and teamwork.

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Additionally, my preferred range of career choices includes professional counselors, psychologists, physicians, lecturers, and religious leaders. However, for this assignment, I consider a career choice of professional counseling. The value of independence. An independent person keeps to his/her principles from being swayed by others (Kalil & Carolyn 32). As a professional counselor, freedom is a critical value that one needs to hold on to. It distinguishes the counselor and the client who seeks guidance. A counselor has to remain put in his words to avoid giving too many alternative options to clients. Additionally, a professional counselor ought to have a clear and independent focus on the priority concerns of all conflicting issues at hand.

Loyalty is a value that prompts one to remain obedient and faithful to all their courses of action (Judge & Timothy 44). A professional counselor is defined by his/her ability to be true to his advice to those who seek guidance as an intervention to their prevailing difficult situations. Counseling demands precise value judgment of the predicament one is entangled in. With loyalty, those who seek guidance are in a position to build trust with the counselor.

Being friendly is a critical value to hold by a counselor. In trying to understand the struggles of clients, a counselor has to act humanely. Through friendliness, those who seek guidance can open up and share their situations to be well-guided.

Self-discipline is also a value that approves of one as to be highly dependable and reliable in following instructions of their own, or those intrinsically set (Kalil & Carolyn 31). Their courses of action are guided by considering the consequences of their acts. Professional counselors must adopt self-discipline in their guiding practice. Professional guidance requires well-set frameworks of self-respect to portray the right image that one may aspire to be associated with. Moreover, the ability to deliver work requirements is an intrinsic motivation

Future-oriented personality is a significant factor for one to acquire the profession of professional guidance (Sarup & Madan 44). Future planning is a crucial element when executing professional counseling duty. Failure to plan is like planning to fail. A professional counselor needs to know what is to be done and they don't have to be reminded of their roles.

My skills in time management are necessary to manage client requests for guidance and counseling. A well-panned counseling schedules must address the client's fixed plan. Time management, therefore, goes hand in hand with better customer service in professional counseling duties.

The ability to resolve a conflict is a significant concern in counseling (Seijist & Gerard 44). Guidance is all about helping people to make informed decisions about their current issues. Unlocking the different situation sets a client at the state of mind that they desired to. As an advisor, one assumes a major role on human conflicts to find the best course of action to the desired state of mind.

The skills of support to people address the helping and loving needs of clients who seek guidance and counseling. With help, people feel much welcomed less controlled by others. Providing a course of action to those who seek professional advice is easily welcomed and appreciated. Additionally, being witty is essential in the role of guidance and counseling. Guiding people in their difficult situations requires an intelligent mind to help provide suitable options. One must be well acquainted with the moral knowledge to make a desirable outcome at any difficult moment.

My inner heroes' assessment results portray that my personality is that of a thinker. A thinker holds to the principles and fundamental constructs of realities (Sarup, 2013). As a thinker, I best thrive in an idealistic cultural environment of creating new concepts and phenomena or improving the current phenomenal situations to the envisioned standards. A professional counselor is associated with the ability to think and explain the behaviors of people while administering a guidance and counseling. Moreover, a thinker affirms the primacy of consciousness needed in assessing those who seek professional advice.

To attain my career dream of being a professional counselor, I have to adopt various courses of action along my career path that includes. Acquiring knowledge through educational training. Education is more interested in new concepts and ideas to unlock new potential abilities other than merely doing one thing for a thousand years (Kalil & Carolyn 32). I have to seek internships and professional apprentices to gain expertise practical experience on how to handle different cases of professional duties. I also have to consider acquiring leadership and communication skills towards interpersonal skills. Leadership styles are vital in helping an individual's task suitability and defining the relevant strengths and weaknesses of an individual to those tasks. The inner hero personality within a person is, therefore, the motivating factor towards their success. Classifying one as a thinker, doer, helper, and planer is crucial for them to identify their intrinsic abilities for their success.

Desire to have power and control. They are instead motivated to help people feel good about their life. They help others to realize their self-esteem, and they are paid for it.

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