Application Questions. Education Essay Example.

Published: 2017-12-19
Application Questions. Education Essay Example.
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Question One

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Knowledge is power with the ability to transform the world. Acquiring knowledge in a prestigious and diversified institution of higher learning like New York University is an excellent opportunity for any student with a dream of changing the world. Diversity of the courses and the student body make the University the best place to acquire knowledge as it equips one with knowledge not only from books but also from different cultures, enhancing the reasoning and critical thinking abilities of students with a broader perspective of what goes on around the world. Having been a top achiever in both junior and high school, an opportunity to learn at NYU will greatly enhance my leadership skills and networking abilities. My passion for business has always inspired me to take the Business and Management Course. Changing the world requires quality education from world-class professors in a competitive learning environment upholding the mission of NYU of being a top quality institution in the world. Everything about NYU has been an inspiration to me, the culture of excellence, the quality research undertaken by the institution, the innovations from the school and the performance of the alumni of the University. Being a passionate charity worker, the location of the facility is favorable for charitable organizations and giving back to the community as there is a large population of homeless people within the city. I look to NYU for the diversity of culture, transformation, and personal growth towards realizing my dreams.

Question Two

The most valuable interest I perceive is my strong belief in and support for charities. I have learned the art of responsibility and giving back to the community. My interests range from academics to giving back to the society. My personality is depicted through caring and being kind to people. I boast of being a good observer and paying attention to people that are in need of help as some of my strengths. I love participating in charities and charitable organizations. My weakness is being emotional to people who are in need and possess the will and urge to help improve their situations. My desire and will to help the needy started when I was a middle school prefect. We used to play the blindfold games in Red Cross Hong Kong and was required to give directions to the blindfolded partners. Since then, I have taken the initiative of taking part in all the community and charity activities that I had the potential of contributing to. The more I helped, the more I appreciated the idea of taking care of people.

Question Three

Getting education in a competitive and prestigious institution of higher learning in any part of the world is a great achievement for any ambitious and passionate student. My burning inspiration and desire to acquire knowledge in a diverse, complex, and challenging environment with top students has led me to Boston University, a world-class institution. With an array of over 250 programs, more than 500 student clubs and students from over 50 countries around the world, Boston University is the ideal institution for quenching my curiosity, inquisitive nature, and thirst for knowledge. Being passionate about community work and charity organizations, the location of the institution will make it easier to give back to the community. Availability of students from different ethnic groups and races also makes the institution a desirable place for acquiring new skills, talents, knowledge on a broad range of issues from all corners of the world. I look to Boston University for its diversity in programs and culture, abilities, student organizations and challenging environment to help me develop and grow as a person and a leader who can change tomorrows’ world. If only I could get this chance I, my family, the people around me, my state and country will never be the same again.

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